Sir Gulvar Frosthand, Full Time Knight and Father

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    General Information
    First name:
    Surname: Frosthand
    Age: 37
    Date of birth: September 8, 3251
    Race: Falahalian
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Heteroflexible
    Current residence: Falahal
    Relationship status: Single

    Traits of Voice
    Accent (if any):
    Slightly Icelandic
    Language spoken: Falahalian
    Other languages known: Common, although he is still learning it.
    Style of speaking: Cold and flat
    Volume of voice: Louder, mainly because he speaks with his chest.

    Physical Appearance
    Weight: 233 lbs.
    Eye color: Light blue
    Skin color: White
    Distinguishing features: He has a large claw scar on his face and a multitude of scars on his body, including the large amount of lash scars on his back.
    Build of body: Buff; built for combat.
    Hair color: White
    Hair style: Long and brushed back behind his ears. His hair is very thick, so sometimes it poofs outwards and curls a bit in more humid areas.
    Posture: Confident and stiff.
    Tattoos: He has a sword tattoo on his right forearm, which leads to an eye on the back of his hand at the tip of the sword.
    Piercings: None.
    Typical clothing: If he's not wearing his armor, he's wearing a tank top with khaki pants and boots. When he's feeling more formal, he'll wear a tucked in, off-white dress shirt with suspenders over his tank top.


    His daughter, large canines, Falahal, HandBurger, The Burger, and Falahalian mead.
    Dislikes: Strongly quiet areas, isolation, large felines, and the color green.
    Education: Combat training with multiple weapons and his fists, survival training in four wilderness scenarios, and basic reading/speech skills in both Falahalian and Common.
    Fears: Find out IC.
    Personal goals: Save Falahal.
    General attitude: Realistic.
    General intelligence: Below average.
    General sociability: Enjoys talking to people.

    Illnesses (if any):
    Allergies (if any): Bee stings.
    Sleeping habits: Six hours per night.
    Energy level: High.
    Eating habits: Somewhat healthy. He maintains a very balanced diet, but loads himself up with honey and alcohol at the end of the day.
    Memory: Decent enough.
    Any unhealthy habits: Is easily influenced into taking drugs, smoking cigarettes, or anything else like that by his close friends.

    Sandor Lahnsten (Former Eye of Falahal)
    Siblings: N/A
    Children: Alice Frosthand

    Peaceful or violent:
    Violent. He will try diplomacy at first, but he will resort to fighting pretty quickly. He was raised as a fighter.
    Weapon (if applicable): A longsword, a 9mm pistol, and EMP grenades.
    Style of fighting: A balanced mix of offense and defense. He takes wide openings to strike at while keeping a very tight guard on his own body. The pistol is a last resort.

    Idol of Honor
    Current home: A fortress in the Northern region of Laarton on Falahal, and a fortified castle in the Central region of Laarton on Falahal.
    Favorite types of food: The Burger. He really enjoys spicy and earthy foods, as well as Italian.
    Favorite types of drink: Falahalian mead and spice tea.
    Hobbies/past times: Exercise, training, blacksmithing, some cooking/baking, and raising dogs.
    Guilty pleasures: Alcohol.
    Pet peeves: Very loud noises, inflated egos, and people who nag him for drinking.
    Pets: A Northern Falahalian Wolf named Angus and a large mountain cat named Bartholomew.
    Talents: Extremely skilled in swinging a sword, can survive in the Falahalian wilderness for a lifetime on his own, and can repair many types of melee weapons.
    Favorite colors: White, blue, and gold.
    Favorite type of music: Kirklan Tavern Music
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