Scum Of The Galaxy

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    Scum Of The Galaxy
    Pirate groups and syndicates, large or small, have proven to be a sort of constant in the galaxy. They exist, and continue to exist regardless of any attempts to quell them, whether it means another has to rise to take a fallen group's place, or another splinters into many, it seems like pirate gangs and crews, as well as simple crime groups are here to stay, no matter how hard galactic powers push be rid of them.

    Major Syndicates
    Frighteningly large and affluent, these three large groups dominate the criminal underworld of the galactic field. Their operations encompass both CivSpace and Fringe Space for one reason or another, and are forces to be reckoned with.

    (Inserted: Video excerpt from one of "Nocturne"s transmissions.)

    Veil is a large, mysterious crime syndicate trading in information and espionage, with large, ever-stretching hands into cyber-piracy. Often you'll find their agents dealing with stolen corporate documents, blueprints, bank account information, leaked or stolen governmental codes, and classified information. Likewise, they buy this information as well, and use it to maintain a large amount of their actual galactic clout rather than having any standing fleet. When the coin is right, they can even dedicate resources to tracking down, ruining the lives of, or otherwise leaking sensitive information about any one individual. With many moles and friends in high places, they have eyes and ears eavesdropping on most galactic affairs.
    Not much is known about their origins, though with how much knowledge about security systems and how to circumvent them they seem to have, it's possible that they had roots in security companies before their formation, or perhaps they came together as a secret society of governmental societies, and eventually splintered far from their birth nations. Most of the information regarding them comes only from their business dealings, or simple speculation. Nobody has ever come forward claiming to have associated with them, or if they have, they have since been silenced. Rumors of people posting information about their network only to then vanish mere hours later without a trace, their leaks left censored, or to try to speak the truth on live media only for signals to be cut out or mysterious accidents to occur run rampant, just as much as disinformation.
    One of the few concrete pieces of information known however, is the alias of their leader: a shadowy figure who only calls themselves "Nocturne".

    Red Cosmithan
    (Inserted: Image taken from a video transmission moments before the complete loss of Apex defensive fleet 3rd Unbreakable.)

    Easy to regard as one of the unstoppable terrors in the galaxy, Red Cosmithan is a violent, well-known pirate group. Even the most grizzled admiral shudders at mere mention of their ranks. Militaristic and brutal to the core, Red Cosmithan assault elements strike indiscriminately, from highly-fortified military stations to lowly civilian corvettes and freighters. Their attacks have little regard for collateral damage, and they are not strangers to laying siege to innocent, undefended colonies. Any boarding parties of theirs are always hell-bent on massacring whoever may reside aboard the craft, either seizing the craft for their own or pawning it off. The only allegiance they fall behind is that of profit, purchasing only ordinance, ships, and other military hardware, selling their deadly services to the highest bidder.
    Making use of especially brutal training methods, Red Cosmithan extinguishes any sense of morality or sympathy from its soldiers, using many dangerous mixtures of genetic and synthetic augmentations far beyond any sanctions that CivSpace would ever allow to create the 'perfect soldiers'. The training extinguishes any sense of physical or mental weakness from their troops, and as part of the initial hazing process, all their members are both genetically and physically sterilized, preventing them from ever having children. Horrifically enough, they have also employed these modifications to an actual Cosmithan, which they have tamed and leashed into defending their main stronghold.
    Red Cosmithan's origins are easy enough to determine, given most of their high-ranking members' previous involvements in both CivSpace and Fringe militaries, this most easily visible with their leader, a horrific man so modified he is borderline unrecognizable as even human. Calling himself 'Mor Alzeka`, he is nowhere near secretive about his appearance, often sending video transmissions with his gruesome features on display.

    (Inserted: Doxice's public 'logo' that they use in marketing.)

    Doxice is arguably not only among the largest of crime syndicates, but one of the largest business syndicates in the galaxy. While being one of the largest producers of concussive weapons on the galactic playground, that contributes only a disturbingly small part to their overall success and wide-spread profits. Trading in fresh bodies, Doxice makes most of its money exploiting weak colonies, coercing or sometimes just outright subduing their populations into slavery as they see fit. Any people they seize from these endeavors then face the grim prospects of Doxice's ruthless markets, be they sold for physical labor, servitude, pleasure, or among the worst of fates, being kept and slaughtered like livestock to have their flesh sold off as delicacies, or easily accessible taboo, organs harvested for those willing to buy.
    As if the simple concept of Doxice wasn't sinister enough, their fields of operation aren't simply limited to the lawless grounds of the Fringe. Due to their services, the Floran empire and combined tribes of CivSpace offers their stations and forces not just solace but security within their borders, giving them a sort of diplomatic immunity to not only sell within CivSpace, but also operate their actual acquisition methods within the civilized sector. In addition to this, they operate 'slave farms' in both sectors, where they breed captured slaves to not only produce more, but better indoctrinated "products".
    Doxice has its origins in a physical security company previously called DoxLock, which started to go under in 3277 until it was sold to its current "CEO", a ruthless entrepreneur named Isin Reila. Isin brought forth most of the changes that developed Doxice into the syndicate it is now, most of its operations having been focused into the Fringe until 3279 when the Floran's CivSpace empire took an interest in their services, allowing them to expand into Civspace operations.

    Minor Syndicates
    While not as large as the major trio, these syndicates are still notable in size or level of organization, usually only operating in FringeSpace.

    Scavengers more than actual pirates, the Junkers stay true to their name, picking apart and selling scraps they find in either the aftermaths of galactic conflict, or dismantling seemingly abandoned stations and colonies. Junkers mostly only make purchases of construction tools, specifically cutters or torches, selling anything they loot from their scavenging operations, be they electronics, mechanical parts, or simple metal plating. In rare cases, they just outright sell ships they commandeer or save.
    While not being outright violent, Junkers are also known to take ships currently occupied using automated droids to disable hard-points before moving in and warning the crew to vacate, often only a few minutes before they start dismantling the craft.
    The Junkers don't exactly seem to have a set hierarchy, more being akin to the ragtag team of bandits that can be expected of pirate groups. This doesn't prevent them from having a level of organization and tactics, however. Wherever one Junker craft is spotted, there are often more.

    Small-time poaching on a planetary level are common, but on the galactic scale, the group known only as "The Poachers" makes its claim. This group, while having a decent amount of fleet power, operates a large ring of smuggling and hunting of exotic alien animals, even if such operations take them into the territories of other colonies and nations. Most of their militarized vessels are only used for hunting large cosmic beings, or for warding off interceptors going for their cargo ships.
    Poachers don't care much for harming people or their property, only really being interested in the animals, the profit they'll provide, and their own self defense. While not as secretive as Veil's Nocturne, the Apex leader of The Poachers works to keep as much hidden about herself as possible. Some theorize that this is because she is a deserter of the Miniknog government or military. Regardless of origins, '[NAME]' is a degree more compassionate than other pirate leaders. Members of The Poachers are granted more leniency and freedoms than they might have in other groups.

    Silver Wing
    (Inserted: The Silver Wing's emblem.)

    Four defected NIADF pilots form the high-profile headhunting party known as the Silver Wing. The group is renown throughout the Fringe for their exclusive use of fighters and ship-related activities. It is unknown whether or not they even possess a base of operations, but they frequent rogue stations and pirate hubs where they can be hired for a variety of tasks. From ship theft, infiltration, capture or even assassination, for the right payment they can be hired to do just about anything, whether it needs to be done with a big bang or as little noise as possible.
    Rumors say that the Icons IC-2982921299 "Azza", IC-9928371242 "Phoenix", IC-1812371238 "Gomory" and IC-5536253721 "Orias" defected during the Pirate Incursion in 3256 shortly after the Iconian Militant Forces were reformed. When asked for their motif, their only answer was always:
    "What else but freedom?"

    Archwing Syndicate
    The Archwing Syndicate is a rather large crime organization in the penguin underworld that saw most of its operations in 3282 and 3283, though it has recently fallen into obscurity. Lead and formed by the now-missing Gunther Archwing, most of their operations had revolved around the late Immigration and Shipping Depot that saw much of the Fringe's traffic during its time frame.
    The Syndicate's objective, above all else, was penguin domination. The Syndicate hid under the guise of migration to cover up their bunkers and storages in penguin settlements, making use of piracy, scavenging, as well as drug and arms deals to supplement their wealth and fuel Gunther's mad ambitions.
    Given its lack of activity in the recent year, it's safe to assume their operations have reached a stand-still.

    Resort Nadezjda
    (Inserted: Resort Nadezjda's public logo, used in marketing.)

    Resort Nadezjda (Курорт Надежда, translating from Galactic Slavic Dialect as 'Resort Hope'), appears on the surface to be a high-class resort and hotel business for the Fringe's social elite. However, those 'in the know' are fully aware that under the surface lies a den of death and greed, all under the control of the almighty dollar, catering its services to whoever can cough up the cash. Formed by an ex-USSS government official, the
    leader' of the resort is known by many pseudonyms, all fake. The only consistent alias of the head of Nadezjda is "академический", roughly translating to "Academic". To the very few who have met this elusive figure, it is known that he was neither raised in a life of crime, nor does he take pride in what he does. Finding no honor in being a criminal, his motives are purely monetary. From sabotage, arms dealing, private security and assassination, there's little that the "staff' of this institution won't do, so long as the price is paid in cold, hard currency. Known to be open to clients from all walks of life, and any side of the Milky Way, the resort remains an unbiased option to all, so long as the job doesn't threaten the security of the organization itself.

    Due to the ludicrous funding that the organization pulls in from it's less-than-dignified activities, the hotels themselves almost always live up to their larger-than-life reputation, offering top of the line, luxurious services to anyone with the wealth to stay there, regardless of their involvement with what lies beneath. Though it's head location lies in the Fringe Syndicate Coalition capital city of Xiao-Severt, it has many different franchise locations, from chains within the United Asteroids of Clop Clop, and a planned franchise in the Haven Federation, they have a strong underground presence in the 'western' Fringe. Despite this, they've even constructed a location in the ICIF controlled al-Dhaid, keeping illegal activity on the down-low due to the strict laws the Caliphate enforces.
    Although it makes a fair profit off of it's other services, a large portion of the organization owes itself to contraband export, using Schelor's near-nonexistent laws against drugs, weapons, counterfeit technology, ship modifications, and exotic meats and furs to their advantage. Using the planet as a means to gain these products, the resort utilizes either their own franchise locations, or more obscure front companies to ship and sell the products to colonies across the greater Fringe. While many in the past have tried to sell the organization out, whether out of a sense of justice, or for profit, most would-be whistleblowers are found dead within days.

    (( OOC Credits ))
    (( @"slafto": Red Cosmithan, Doxice, Veil, Junkers, Poachers' writing, blurb paragraphs ))
    (( @"Kappa": Silver Wing, Doxice's name ))
    (( @"Skid": Poachers' concept, Poachers' leader, Poachers' writing ))
    (( @"Khaos": Good Boy, Red Cosmithan's name ))
    (( @"ampo snampo" and @"mono": Resort Nadezjda ))
    (( Gunther Archwing: Gave permission to add the Syndicate, lore/purpose of the Syndicate ))
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