Rusty Sands

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    Located within the Integra Threshhold system, the scrap littered dustbowl of a planet known by Rusty Sands by its local inhabitants is a dry and desolate world covered in vast stretches of desert and occasional patches of grasslands. Temperatures can average 40 Degrees Celcius (104 Fahrenheit) during the day, and dip as low as -5 Degrees Celcius (23 Fahrenheit) on some nights. The planets unfavourable climate, sparse population, and key location between several other larger frontier colonies has lead to the planet becoming a popular dumping site for scrap, junk and refuse by various waste collection companies across the fringe. The planet also appears to have an unusually strong magnetic force, which seems to regularly pull abandoned and derelict space craft down to its surface, leading to much of the planets surface being dotted with crashed space craft.

    But where some see trash, others see treasure. The vast supplies of collected rubbish and scrap has lead to an influx of opportunistic scavengers, scroungers and traders hoping to find fortune amongst the vast swashes of rusted steel and piled up litter. Around this scrap trading business small communities inevitably began to spring up, drawing more intrepid explorers and curious frontiersmen to the heated scrapheap of a world. Even among the wild stretches of frontier space, Rusty Sands is particularly lawless and sparsely populated, making it a popular spot for many outlaws in hiding and fugitives on the run.

    Frequent shifting sandstorms which blow across the surface of the planet constantly bury and unearth new materials beneath the sands of the world, revealing new treasures for intrepid explorers and scavengers, luring in the fortune seeking to this dry and dangerous world.



    One of Rusty Sands small communities, as the name implies ShantyTown is a collection of ramshackle buildings constructed from scrap, wood and stone built up within an area of grasslands. Despite the small size of the village it has most things one could ask for, a general store, a local saloon, a smithy, local law enforcement and even a church. It proves to be a popular location for visitors of the planet wishing to join in on the scavenger rush or simply sightseeing the barren world.
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