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    Please take a moment to read our rules. At the end, you will find a link to a quiz which will give you the login credentials to our server.

    General Community Rules
    • No abuse, racism, hate speech, or harassment of any kind towards your fellow Citizens.
    • No links or references of/to NSFW content. (i.e. pornographic media, illegal content, gore, etc.)
    • No advertising of rival servers, products, or organizations monetized or not: Unless you have sought the permission of an Admin first.
    • Harassing, deliberate griefing, raiding or ill-speaking of rival Starbound communities and servers is not allowed.
    • Be respectful. Be considerate. Be forgiving of people's mistakes.
    • If a Staff Member asks you to stop whatever it is that you're doing, you must stop.
    • Complaints, or player reports should be taken to the "Report a Player" subforum.
    • Your forum profile should be presented well. No gif profile pictures that are too distracting, contain fast motion or appear-seizure like.
    • No griefing of the server, or the forums emotionally or otherwise. Destructive behavior is not acceptable.
    • Community bans extend to every official GC medium, including Discord servers.
    • No trolling, spamming, or obsessive "shitposting".
    • Don't be a jerk.
    • Do not join the server with asset-creating mods such as Frackin' Universe. This is a bannable offense if done repeatedly or with knowledge.
    • Staff retain the right to ask you to stop, whether the rule is present or not.

    Report a Player Rules
    • Unless you have reported or are a witness to the events of a report. Do not post.
    • Do not report a player unless you have attempted to solve the issue with them personally and been unsuccessful at it.
    • Do not firestart or slander users in the guise of a report.
    • Provide proper evidence if you report a player.

    Donation Rules
    • Donations are non-refundable.
    • Donation rewards/perks are subject to change with and without warning.
    • Donations will not grant you special hidden benefits: I.E. higher chances of obtaining staff, or any sort of illuminati level influence.
    • Donators are still subject to the same rules as everyone else.

    Roleplay Guidelines
    Galaxy Citizen is a roleplay server, which means that people roleplay different characters and interact with each other, unlike such roleplay you would find on some other servers where it is more similar to an RPG with items and upgrades. This means that roleplay is a skill to be learned, and for this server, as necessary as reading and writing is to your daily life. These guidelines list out what we require for roleplay and what we enforce, but not necessarily how to roleplay. For that, also listed here are important guides that may help you.

    Applications/Acceptable Characters
    Galaxy Citizen uses an application-type system for characters which are unique and with questionable abilities, such as some types of androids, species, animals, as well as items such as weapons or other techs. These applications can be found in the applications subforum and list out some things that players may use for characters; if there is no open app that you may use for a character that isn't a core race/following the modular systems lore, you may not play them. Custom races are also playable with the owner's permission, and even encouraged so as to populate them. There are other rules and guidelines about creating or playing a character:

    Your character may not be plagiarized from an external source, lest your character be permanently banned and the player given punishment. Inspiration is fine, so long as it does not directly copy. Examples include:
    • An anime character, movie character, IRL celebrity, etc.
    Your character may not be a "Mary Sue" or be "godmodded" to have power over other players. This includes being able to do a vast amount of things, such as being a master engineer and a master samurai or something of similar sorts. Examples include:
    • Bobby knows engineering, swordsmanship, marksmanship, music, etc.
    Your character may not have a backstory that involves enormous wealth, affiliation with IC factions (just let us know, that's all), or any other non-standard and questionable backstory without permission from the staff team. Examples include:
    • Bobby has a large wealth despite not earning that wealth through IC action.
    • Thommas, an Avian, playing a very high priest of Kluex without asking staff for permission.
    • Yorick being from an alternate dimension.
    You may not play a character who has a lived age (i.e. Has actively experienced, outside of being in stasis or other means of long-term) over 300 years without explicit permission granted by the staff team. Organic beings minds rapidly begin to degrade around this time due to compounding degeneration of neural tissue and the very nature of organic consciousness not being able to withstand existence over this long of a timespan. Synthetics as well cannot operate for centuries, and will experience similar degradation in their hardware, as well as extreme fragmentation and corruption of their AI. Some exceptions do exist, but they must be cleared with the staff team Before the character is played actively.

    General Roleplay Guidelines
    Rule Zero:
    Always be courteous to any other roleplayer. Roleplay on GC is not your own story, it is a web of stories.

    First Rule: Read our lore and rules.

    IC and OOC: These terms stand for "In Character" and "Out of Character", respectively. These are two different types of text, and should be treated as two different entities.
    • An "In Character" message is text that is being acted out by your character in-universe. These can be spoken words, which may be surrounded by quotation marks ("example") or nothing at all. In Character also includes actions, which should be separated from speech through asterisks (*example*) or hyphens (-example-).
    • "Out of Character", on the other hand, refers to messages that only you, the player, are aware of. These are typically indicated by double parentheses on both sides of the message. ((This is an example of OOC text)). Nothing said OOCly carries into the IC world.
    • When using a radio, switch to 'All' chat and put R: in front of your text. This is the only time IC use of the 'All' chat is acceptable."
    Value for Life: All roleplayers are required to treat their characters as if they were actual living beings. Value for Life (VfL) is not limited to one's own character; players should make reasonable decisions with their character, as well valuing another character's life more/less/equally depending on their relationship and history between the characters. This means roleplaying your character realistically, especially regarding your character's fears. Would you say "fuck you" to a galaxy-known warlord? Would you leave a person to die? Stick by your morals. Examples include:
    • Bobby is intimidated by someone much stronger and violent than him, but he decides to not be realistic and attempt to fight the dude anyways with no roleplay of fear.
    • Shep is a good-natured person and watches a person get injured and dumped next to him. Shep just ignores this person, not RPing realistically.
    Grammar: Please, nothing kills an RP experience more than one-line RP replies with terrible grammar. It generally shows you as immature and inexperienced and is only really acceptable if you legitimately are not good with English. Examples include:
    • "pulls out sword and slashes at u"
    • "does the thing"
    Actions and Consequences: Roleplay has an affect on characters, whether it be your own or another's. What the consequences are depends on the action, but is typically invoked in the name of Combat Roleplay where fighting another character may have consequences, more explained in the consent rules. Examples include:
    • Bobby fights Syed in a combat roleplay, but complains when he dies, failing to realize that his actions have possible consequences.
    Metagame: The act of playing your IC actions as influenced by OOC information in metagame. It is a spectrum, the lowest case being something as simple as subtly guiding your actions (intentional or not) because you know a small bit of information, to something as drastic as actively metagaming by using all OOC information. Examples include:
    • Calling friends to help you in CRP without roleplaying radioing them/texting them for help.
    • Saying a character's name ICly when you should not know their name ICly. Or calling the custom species Shin'kali ICly the Shin'kali when you don't know ICly that they're called the Shin'kali.
    • The Poison Example: Where a hidden assassin poisons someone's dish and the target refuses to eat the dish despite not knowing there isn't any poison in it.
    • Bobby wants to target Syed because he OOCly does not like him.
    Powergame: Mostly applies to Combat Roleplay, you should always try to make the experience fun for all parties and don't make actions ˜play to win', meaning always being in your favor. We classify that as powergame. Powergame is essentially forcing your actions unto another player without allowing them to react. Use attempts. Examples include:
    • A character dodging everything thrown at them.
    • A character's armor conveniently tanking every strike or shot.
    • A player typing too fast with their actions and not allowing the other party to reply.
    • A player performing more actions than is reasonable in one reply.
    Erotic Roleplay (ERP): Galaxy Citizen is a PG-13 server, therefor ERP should never happen on the server unless in absolute privacy, as we at GC staff certainly are aware that we cannot stop ERP from occurring - however, we can read logs. ERP requires consent from both parties, and ERP with an underage character is grounds for instant permaban. In addition, your character should never be made for the explicit purpose of ERP - don't be that guy that fetishizes his characters to fulfill his own fantasies.

    "Asspulling": You may not ˜asspull" things regarding your characters, or having things without IC reason or RPing obtaining it. For example, you can not just say your character has a mech, as a mech isn't something anybody would just have. In addition, you may not suddenly asspull items to help you in CRP without you having them beforehand (its best to describe what items you have before you CRP). We expect you to work at least some for your stuff. Examples include:
    • Bobby suddenly pulls out the most convenient EMP grenade ever when he discovers that his enemy Syed is actually an android, without describing that he had an EMP grenade strapped to his belt the whole time.
    • Shep has a whole arsenal of high-tech weapons despite not really working for any of it.

    Useful Guides
    (Out of Commission.)

    Interaction Voiding:
    Although we promote roleplay to be set-in-stone once it happens, in some situations, players wish to void character interactions or events. This is only allowed if EVERY player involved in said interaction/event comes to a unanimous decision to void the interaction in question. Otherwise, a compromise has to be made between all players involved. Staff members can be called upon if players need help reaching compromise, or if they think that rules have been broken.

    The only exception to the unanimous-decision rule is if a player has broken rules to progress the interaction/event, such as if they metagamed or powergamed. This may lead to intervention by staff, who may decide to take action such as exclude the rule-breaking player from the vote.

    Warning points may be inflicted for voiding interactions if rules are broken or the void disrupts players' experience in general. We don't encourage voiding roleplay.

    Custom Item Rules
    • Any custom item that violates community rules will be met with immediate action (warnings, bans, etc.).
    • Limit sounds added to items. Sound spam will be met with warnings and other punishment.
    • Use a reasonable amount of particles in your effects! Players using items with crazy effects may be politely asked to not use that item on the server.
    • No rapid, bright and flashy effects. Epilepsy is no joke.
    • Creating custom tech or items that inflict status effects on others is forbidden!

    IC Use of Drawables

    • Drawables for IC use should revolve around items that the character using the drawable would have IC.
    • Items and tech that alter your character IC (size, appearance, etc.) will need an application or prior approval in race apps.
    • Guns, vehicles and items of practical size and IC use are fine, so long as they are used for the appropriate IC reason. (Summoning a bazooka in the middle of a bar from your tuxedo is not okay anymore!)
    • Substance paraphernalia of questionable legality should only be active near RP locations if you are IC.
    • Tanks, UFOs, other vehicles (hovercrafts, cars, etc.) and large guns should ABSOLUTELY NOT be in use while you are IC unless you are actually physically using them for IC reasons (wars, getting from A to B, arriving at a location)!
    • Ridiculously large guns, items or any drawable of ENORMOUS size should NEVER be used IC.
    • Items that produce the majestic cat face effect should never be used IC.

    OOC Use of Drawables
    • You should be off screen from the nearest inhabited RP location or in a zone designated for OOC shenanigans before using drawables OOC.
    • DO NOT use drawables OOC near or around the gate of the Outpost or entrance area of RP hubs.
    • DO NOT spam your items and their effects! Even OOC and off screen, this can still cause performance issues for other players.
    • Players using drawables that take up half the screen are going to get an immediate warning.
    • Be silly and have fun or whatever. Just don't interrupt RP or be anywhere near RP and DO NOT SPAM YOUR ITEMS!

    Use of Custom NPCs
    • NPCs are where they can't interrupt RP by wandering around.
    • Hubs that approve of NPC use should create designated areas with NPC merchant behavior in mind.
    • Only one NPC per Citizen is allowed to be placed.
    • Placing multiple NPCs will be met with a warning or further action.

    Core Species Lore
    Keep in mind GC doesn't adhere to Starbound's in-game lore! Before continuing, take a moment to familiarize yourself with our lore, written by community members.
    You may find a subforum containing the main species lore here.

    Server Password
    In order to obtain our server password, a Quiz must be completed to ensure you have a basic understanding of our rules, and various Basics of Roleplaying. You can find that quiz here.

    You may use guides on the forums to help you. If additional help is required, contact a staff member. Our original Document that let one "study" has been lost. And needs to be remade.
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