Rose Spetzer #3

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    Character Name: Rose Spetzer
    Cause of Death: Shot in the back of the head via .45-70 revolver
    # of Previous Clones: 2
    Member Vouch: SilverGallium, HitByAParkedCar
    Character Sheet:
    Cloning Method: Repair + Backup Restore from two days prior.
    Skills: Painting, Agility, Basic CQC, Ranged combat

    Addendum: Has a history of mental issues, and erratic behavior.
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    Rose is randomly going to play audio files, at super inconvenient times. Basically out of nowhere.

    She's also randomly going to be forced into what is essentially 144p vision temporarily, every once in a while.

    She's also going to really hate stairs, because she will have less of a sense of balance. This will likely affect her ability to do any CQC and reduce her general agility as well.

    This will go on for 2 months after her cloning completes.
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