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    I'd like to report Templar (now ex-staff) for carrying out biased, inaccurate (excessive) and unjustified punishment (permban) on me months ago.

    I believe I was banned solely because of issues between me and certain people of personal nature. I do not think the provided evidence portrays me slandering GC and/or any of its specific members.

    This, this and the fact that Templar left the staff team literally the day after (possibly to avoid criticism) just assures me further. I've been told that the decision about banning me wasn't in fact made by the whole staff team, but correct (and prove) me if I am wrong.

    I am aware that he dislikes me personally and associates with people who do as well, who have been warned/punished in the past for their behaviour. Not to mention the obvious hostile attitude, which persists to this day.

    I did not break any rules (which I also stated in my ban appeal, which was accepted). I might have used some not-so-nice words (as seen in the evidence) but I have already apologized for that in my ban appeal and I don't think that'd qualify for an immediate permban.

    Not to mention the fact that my previous bans have been voided recently. Which makes it safe to assume that the judgement was flawed. I wonder why?

    The least I expect is an acknowledgement of the mistake and an apology from every single staff member who agreed on the ban back then (public or private, their choice) and a change, so it does not repeat in the future (You had all the 'evidence' and you could've looked into it before making the decision). The least. But if we're giving out permanent bans so loosely now, I guess one for Templar would be most fitting. Or at least a reeeally lengthy one.

    And no, it's not too late.
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    We have been over this before with you 17. The fact you're still held up on this for so long after the matter doesn't help, nor the fact you have made a report on Templar before.

    He may have been the one to enact the ban, and while he has been spoken to about his rude behaviors afterwards, the ban itself was not his decision. It was a decision upon the staff team, that was later repealed for reasons you should already been aware of. This most certainly has been told to you a number of times, and I do not want to have to repeat it again. Templar has already been reprimanded for his rude remarks towards you, but he is not responsible for your ban, at least not any more than as a member of staff.

    Quite frankly your inability to forgive and forget ultimately makes any apology we can offer as pointless and worthless as well. Mistakes have been corrected and there is no point in continuing this further.

    Considering this report adds no new information, and in fact is a repeat of the same material as before, this is going to be closed without any further input from either side. It isn't a matter of timing or being late that this isn't resulting in action, but because this case in particular has been handled already and is closed. I apologize that this isn't the response you were hoping for, but please do not report a player for something you have already reported them for.