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    // A decently well put-together website starts gaining a small bit of traction on the Nexus, featuring a new upstart business. //
    "Better Red's than dead."

    What started off as a hobby for Red quickly bloomed into a passion. Over the years they've honed their craftsmanship and their services all in the name of making a better product for the deserving Fringe dweller. You don't need a gun that will jam, you need Red's Requisitions (prices will vary).

    // Below this, there would be a line-up of videos and images featuring the various products available for order, the videos including some footage of the weapons and cybernetics on the catalogue mid-production. //

    :: Are you bored of standard firepower? Looking to try something robust and exciting? Peruse my excellent selection of firearms that can keep you and your loved ones safe. ::
    Pistols: 200-500px
    Semi-Auto Rifles: 500-2,500px
    Automatic rifles: 800-2000px
    Sniper Rifles:1,000-3500px
    Shotguns: 400-1,000px
    HMGs: 2,500-4,000px

    :: Look and feel your best in our top of the line armors that not only keep you safe, but look great doing it! ::
    Light: 300-600px
    Medium: 500-1,500px
    Heavy: 1000-2,000px
    Custom: 400-3,000px

    :: Did you lose something vital in some accident in the fringe? No problem, it happens to the best of us. My top of the line cybernetics will keep your body moving and functioning no matter what you put it through. ::

    Basic limbs: 1000px
    Limbs with extra augments: 1500-5000px
    Internals (organs): 4,000-15,000px

    // Red's Requisitions agrees not to sell or otherwise distribute consumer information. All consumer information is kept confidential between the manufacturer and buyer. All items come with a lifetime warranty. Conditions do apply. //
    (Contact Quazwerty456#3946 for IC orders)
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