Ranged Armaments P.I.S.S (Plasmoid-Integrated Suppression System)

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    Name: P.I.S.S (Plasmoid-Integrated Suppression System). Novakid Buster Guns, Arm Cannons


    A P.I.S.S that opens up to vent heat while a particularly powerful shot is being charged.

    The P.I.S.S typically takes the form of a large metallic sleeve, of any conceivable shape, that fits onto the limb of a user. They’re constructed of Ferozium and lightweight metals. As Novakids are the most common users, being light enough to be wielded one-handed is necessary to make them usable. Supporting them with the other hand tends to improve performance as well, but they’re perfectly usable with just one.

    A version of the device that allows the user full use of their hands.

    The device can take the form of cylinders, prosthetic limbs, or even fold up and shift between the two, depending on the particular make and model. However, for it to work, a limb or appendage being present within the device is mandatory. It’s even possible to place them on the feet, like peg legs, though aiming then becomes difficult.

    Once the integrated system is installed, it becomes capable of drawing the user’s plasma and firing it out as a projectile. By using the cytoplasm of a plasmoid organism offensively, the Plasmoid-Integrated Suppression System becomes an automatically recharging weapon that can be used repeatedly in the field. Having such a device essentially converts food and calories directly into ammunition, ensuring that the user always has a way of defending themselves, as long as they can keep up with the blood that it consumes.

    This model requires further structural support in order to remain latched on, and the plasma has a further distance to travel. Charged shots from it are advised.

    It’s possible to create models that are more akin to shoulder cannons, but the weight distribution will vary appropriately, and these versions will have to be far more invasive than the arm-mounted version, in order to draw plasma. Such a thing would require implants along the spine, or specialized chestplates that have siphons for the plasma. At this point, using a conventional plasma weapon might be more efficient. Nevertheless, it remains an option.


    The P.I.S.S allows a Novakid, Anodyne, or any organism comprised of plasma to use their blood as a weapon. It functions just like a plasma gun, and directly draws ammunition from their body. The weapon is highly customisable, and details like the shape of the beam and size of the intended projectile can be altered. One can even do away with generating a bullet and just use it to spray their blood plasma at someone at melee range.

    Allows for ammunition to be regenerated as long as the Novakid can replenish their plasma with sufficient nutrition. Excellent for extended use, as it doesn’t need to be loaded up with ammo. Very cost-effective.

    Weapons have multiple fire modes. In a single turn, it can fire off a salvo of pistol-strength plasma projectiles, akin to a machine pistol, or produce a burst of rifle fire. It can also charge for up to two turns, increasing the amount of plasma to hit harder, up to the strength of a plasma caster.

    Conditional Abilities (Optional):

    All Novakids are already able to theoretically go out in a blaze of glory, and blow their brands up in a final hurrah. This weapon can be used to direct that. While this function is unavailable in publically produced models, for obvious safety reasons, it’s possible for the device to absorb and fire out a lethal amount of a Novakid’s body plasma. This allows a user to commit suicide in order to release a single blast of plasma, powerful enough to be compared to plasma artillery or vehicle-mounted cannons. A last-ditch attack like this could save allies in desperate circumstances, but invariably kills the user.

    Harness-type versions of this device could be mounted on Solarwolves or Snuggets, in order to utilize their blood as well.

    If the device is wrapped around the limb of an organic and activated, it’ll pierce their limb with metallic needles and spew their blood from the barrel while electrocuting them, damaging both the device and victim.


    For an organism made of plasma, using this is essentially weaponizing their own blood. There’s a safe amount available to consume before they start suffering the effects of plasma loss. Ten turns of usage, whether charging or firing, is the daily safe limit for a user completely made of plasma, assuming the user remains in pristine condition and is only losing blood through the weapon. At fifteen turns, the user starts feeling the exertion and strain of plasma loss, and experiences reduced performance. At twenty turns, they become fatigued and will struggle to remain active. Anything past that means that they’re coming close to lethal plasma loss (75% of a Novakid’s mass).

    The device needs to latch on to a limb and pierce the membrane in order to draw plasma into itself. There are typically sharpened ferozium tubes that enter the user’s limb to reach the source of fuel. This means that the weapon has to be firmly integrated with the appendage, and cannot be quickly cast off in a combat situation, in the event that it has to be removed.

    The ammunition source is the user’s blood, so constant calorie consumption is necessary to replenish it. If the user is starving or unable to find a food source, using the weapon becomes more and more inadvisable, as they grow closer to bleeding to death with every shot.

    Being hit by an EMP does not permanently break the device, as half of its functions are mechanical instead of electronic, and the rest are shielded. However, for three turns after being EMP’d, the magnetic field generator that creates the projectile will be unable to function. Attempting to shoot the gun during this time consumes the same amount of blood and creates a small cloud of plasma in front of the barrel, like an extremely short-ranged flamethrower.
    This is good for lighting cigarettes.

    The device is not physically durable, due to being made of ferozium and light metals. It can be rendered inoperable by being smashed or struck by ballistic weaponry. As it usually takes up the entirety of a limb/forelimb, it’s quite possible to target it specifically.

    Conditional Limitations (Optional):

    Naturally, there’s a psychological limiting factor to the idea of using your own blood as a weapon, when any overuse can harm you or threaten your life. Willingness to use such a thing is wholly dependent on the operator, but completely new users might take a while to get used to the weapon.

    This weapon could theoretically function with a Plasma prosthetic. However, it’s limited to five turns worth of firing without damaging the limb, with the prosthetic completely ceasing to function at 10. The upside is that draining the plasma doesn’t hurt them, and only breaks an expensive artificial limb.

    How does it work:

    The P.I.S.S directly draws from a plasma reservoir provided by the user. An organism composed of plasma will have a large amount to utilize, while something like a single prosthetic is only good for a paltry amount of shots. The energy from the plasma is used to power the main electronic component: The field generator.

    The device compresses the plasma into a dense projectile that’s coated in an electromagnetic shell, similar to the field generated by the brand of a Novakid. The field is strong enough to maintain its shape mid-flight and keep the plasma compressed into a dense core, but falls apart upon contact with a physical object, thus releasing the payload. It’s different from conventional plasma guns, in that it utilizes actual plasma instead of the electron-coated-proton projectiles that standard guns fire. This also means that the cytoplasm to ammunition conversion ratio is lower than one might expect, as the plasma is compressed into a density appropriate for use as a projectile weapon.

    While the device is self-sustaining, it requires occasional maintenance. A user can wander the wilderness for a long time without running out of ammo and energy, but will eventually need to take the P.I.S.S in for repairs.

    Flavor text: The P.I.S.S was invented by a Novakid Gunslinger, seeking to utilize her own biology against organic targets. The weapon turned out to be highly effective when used out in the wilderness, as it allowed her to continuously refill its ammunition without having to return to society. The inventor of the system died during a conflict with local lawmen, when she overcharged her weapon to fire her entire body out of the arm-cannon once the battle became unwinnable. Though there were no survivors, witnesses scavenged the weapon, and decades later, the blueprints for it have become widespread. Many different models are available, though some of the more unstable functions are unavailable commercially.

    It’s popular among bounty hunters and Novakids/Anodynes who need to spend long periods without resupplying, and many inscribe their weapons with the droplet-shaped brand of the outlaw who invented the P.I.S.S.

    Particularly well-travelled spacers might notice that this device is conceptually similar to the lesser-known Thaumic Emission Weapons used by the Firstborn, which share the common aspect of directly taking the user's life force to power a weapon. However, the P.I.S.S has emerged completely convergently, and there is no link or inspiration between development of the two, despite the Emission weapons having existed for longer.

    Referenced Technologies (Optional): Possible to be combined with Plasma Prosthetics. Has similar efficiency to Plasma Gauntlets, but trades off a bit of power for the ability to refill itself.

    Attainability: Open. Can only be used in conjunction with a plasma source, such as the bodies of plasmoid organisms and users of plasma prosthetics.

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