Olyan, Flight-Blessed

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    General Information

    Olyan is in the midst of a personal crisis. On his homeworld, the Stargazer-maintained colony of Azol-6, Olyan was in a position of high popularity. Now, he's just one in a trillion, trying to scrape by for a chance at the life and attention he hopes to regain in the Fringe.

    Physical Appearance

    Olyan shows a great deal of pride in his personal grooming. As he roams he shows a clean coat of neon green feathers when appropriate. His fluff, maintained and adjusted to look like a set of long "eyebrows". He polishes, or at least, thoroughly cleans his hawk-like beak to a near-pristine shine. Talons, sharpened and buffered to be artistic weapons of their own worth.


    Personality Type: Snarky, Conceited, Self-Critical

    Political Ideology:

    Olyan sees himself as "the hero" as that is what he was thought to be back on his homeworld; showered with praise, fans, and gifts. In truth, he struggles to maintain an image painted by the priests after an accident granted him such popularity from total strangers. He cares for very little outside of his own agenda. Always reaching to be the best; to maintain the lie, even when he's out of his league. When he succeeds, he's elated, but conceited. When he fails, his own pride would be his own worst nightmare, critical of what he should've done to the point of self-harm.

    While in public, Olyan would typically keep a proud face. Perhaps too proud for his own sake. Those who talk with him would easily recognize his general "better-than-thou" attitude or alternatively his dark self-brooding as he stalks and paces around his path. He'll always look for an opportunity to look like the better in the room, even if it risks some form of danger. Those who start to see through the screen of ego he emits will notice his tone and body language become more quiet and begrudgingly reserved.


    Before his rise to fame, Olyan was a stonecarver. Often called to carve the blessings of Kluex or similar depictions upon brick and stone alike. It was a modest paying job; enough to pay for food and lodging. One mid-spring afternoon, he was making a trip to the local markets and decided to make a minor shortcut.

    Not too far off, a shrill shriek of a priestess cries out. The thief, an apex stowaway, attempted to make off with the priestess' own pixel pouch. In his haste, the thief made a desperate dash down an alleyway; the very same Olyan decided to take. No sooner when the thief shouted for the wayward avian to move out of the way, the apex is tripped by an out of place brick, jutting out ever so slightly from the ground. The imbalance causes the thief to fly, full force, into the nearest wall, right next to Olyan. Olyan, completely flabbergasted, simply stares at the now unconscious thief, he reaches down to pluck the ill-gotten gains from the apex, when the same voice that called out for aid, praises him for stopping the thief in his tracks. In the hours that followed, Olyan would come to be known throughout his hometown as the "Flight-blessed of Kluex."

    Blessed by the priesthood for "stopping a robbery of the faith", Olyan quickly came to recognize and grow attached to, the life of a hero. Countless avians would flock to bask in his presence, gifts and meals piled upon his roost-step. Such sweet rewards for a deed... he didn't even do. He knew it was the thief's own fault for taking a fall, but the accolades of Flight-blessed were too great to let go of. But when asked as to how he felled the thief, he would often tell a daring tale of how his instinct kicked in to where he fell the fiend down with a single sweep of the leg. That's when things got... complicated. Words must be met with action. The apex are, by common knowledge, heavy in muscle. Where as avians are the complete opposite. There were those in the crowd who were curious as to the technique used to fell the thief. While many of his fans were quick to dissuade the inquisitive, Olyan knew he could not keep the fascade without proof. So he hatched a plan. He would set forth to the Fringe. To preserve the lie, he would travel. Travel to train, to grow in wealth, and to gain even greater popularity with the indigenous races of the galaxy.

    Life in the Fringe was... difficult to put it mildly. Growing reliant upon the gifts and free meals from his own people made him lazy and arrogant. To be charged for food? Preposterous. To labor for it? Out of the question. But as time passed and his stomach rebelled, he would be forced to expose himself to the ridicule and reality of situations to come. It would be through such "humbling" experiences that he would work harder to maintain the lies he would spout to get a taste of the lifestyle he once basked in back on Azol-6. And it would take far, far more than "stopping" a single thief to gain the praises of the exotic races that dot the galaxy...