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    The proper application was processed and graded via PMs with Drakkar, Wowgain, and Aurora (when he was around, obvs). This post is pretty much just for clerical reasons. If you want to see the documents, send me or one of them a PM. PMing me is probably the best option.

    Why grade it in private?
    Because their secrecy is part of their charm! There's no malicious intent, I promise. These guys were the first original race ever approved for use on GC and were once used as a template on the old forums. So, don't worry. It's not like I'm allowed to withhold the documents from people who ask, anyways.

    Cheerful insectile miners, bearers of an ancient metallic being's bequest.​

    These horned humanoids come from a small, dark moon in orbit around an enormous gas giant in the depths of uncharted space. Preyed upon by the deadly creatures of the harsh surface, the obsecrians were forced into the unnatural cave systems that span large areas over each of the planet's accessible continents. These caves, formed by the tendrils of an ancient beast, became their home. Despite all that their world had done to them over their evolution and societal development, the obsecrians remain stubbornly optimistic and outgoing. Though their minds are scarred, they bear their scars with a smile.

    In the caves, they found purple blobs that collected over strangely shaped metallic deposits. These collections of organisms, in time, were dubbed corru. The microscopic creatures that made up the corru were unlike any other form of life on the planet, and yet the obsecrians held a bizarre and inexplicable symbiotic relationship with them. They fed and gave the corru purpose through their unique way of communicating, directing them into being their primary source of all that is technological- weaponry, armor, quality of life devices, and so on. Though their technology looks sleek and high-tech, it's relatively low-tech in all fields but communications, consciousness and mining. In fact, so much progress has been made in niche areas that they are capable of transferring their consciousnesses to separate corru-bodies!

    Early engineers found that the corru would not eat the fruits or meats from the surface, leaving them in a precarious situation: how would they keep their dear friends living? They turned to the mysterious deposits found on the surface and in the caves and realized that the corru would only eat certain forms of metal. All was refused except metal that had once cultivated an ancient form of life, one far removed from our definitions. The engineers created a process using their world's abundant conductive metals to synthesize something that resembles the structures found in the corru's ancient prey.

    It worked. Now, with the help of the nebulous inhabitants of the planet they orbit, they venture out to retrieve vast quantities of conductive metals to sate their ever-present need for fuel. They act largely in secret, but, paradoxically, they are outgoing and social creatures who crave interaction. They simply can't help but interact with the commoners when the opportunity presents itself.