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    Name: Nemean Silk, Goldsilk, Duraweave, Rich Bastard Kevlar

    Nemean Silk is a vibrant, shiny gold fabric that's incredibly lightweight and soft. It's often used by high-class individuals for attire of the same color, or in long jackets to prevent kinetic assassination. Dyed variants exist, though all remain shiny and vibrant.

    • Insanely durable when it comes to slashing and piercing, and can even prevent many low-caliber kinetic firearms from penetrating. Equivalent to a thin sheet of durasteel at most with a thick weave. (Light durasteel on the Caliber quick-reference guide).
    • Incredibly comfortable and breathable.
    • Fairly lightweight.
    Conditional Abilities:
    • Capes, cloaks, and jackets inhibit movement far less when compared to normal clothing.
    • While it stops penetration or laceration easily, it can't stop the actual impact. Bruises still easily form from gunshots, bones can be broken through the cloth with severe enough impacts- this includes direct hits on said bones with a kinetic round. This makes blunt weaponry as effective, or more effective, than normal.
    • Compared to its defense against kinetics, the cloth is terrible against energy and fire- causing rapid disintegration in a large area around the impact sight as it burns away. A single spark is not enough to cause this, but an open flame, laser, or plasma projectile is.
    • While Nemean Silk isn’t inflexible, as that would make it pointless for clothing. It cannot be folded or stretched much with its semi-rigid underlying weave which helps provide its durability. Anything made of the Silk is created specifically to a user’s provided measurements and cannot be changed.
    • The rigid under layer of the weave, while highly protective, inhibits intense physical activity if the cloth is is form fitting or particularly thick. Examples being acrobatics and full sprints.
    Conditional Limitations:
    • Vibro and Plasma blades easily slice through the silk like a hot knife through butter.
    • The Silk offers absolutely no protection against explosives, in fact, much like energy and fire they also cause the fabric to disintegrate rapidly. The only protection that would be offered would be against shrapnel.
    How does it work:
    Nemean Silk is technically a misnomer. The material isn't actually silk, rather, it's primarily thin metallic fibers created by a Glitch megaspider which is then interwoven with high-durability genetically modified silk. This process creates Nemean Silk, which after gathered and woven, is turned into fabrics for use in clothing and armor. Given the relatively low rate of production and the difficulty of weaving the material, this process is both expensive and requires sufficient infrastructure. Despite its high tensile strength and resistance to cuts or piercing, the bonds in the silk are highly vulnerable to changes in temperature, so much so that an open flame and energy weapons fire can disintegrate the material on contact.

    Flavor text:
    Seeing the lack of luxury defensive options provided by other manufacturers in the Fringe, in 3290 Lotus chose to be the first to capitalize on the untouched market. Commissioning a group of independent geneticists to create an organism of which would produce their newest product.

    Now, in the third quarter of the same year the project has completed and is a grand success. Luxurious and durable, Nemean Silk is the newest choice in high-class protection against kinetic weaponry. Its high price tag may dissuade many, but those who can afford it will be thankful for the new addition to maintaining their long-term health.

    Attainability: [Semi-closed] Nemean Silk is specially made by the company Lotus, and as such can only be purchased through them.

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    Notes: Attempting a second go with the application process with edits to address the concerns of the previous.
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    Erm. Passed?
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    This is neat! I want some in real life