Medical Nano-Stem Regeneration

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    Nano-Stem Regeneration, NSR, Nectar, Regen-bath, Waters o’ Life

    NSR takes the form of a thirty six hour treatment, done in a proper medical facility. This is done by filling large medical vats that a user is suspended with the regenerative cocktail that actually performs the procedure. The cocktail appears as a glowing amber fluid which enters the mouth, stomach, and lungs to ensure oxygen and nutrients are provided consistently throughout the thirty six hour period.

    Extreme Regeneration: NSR is able to heal practically all physical injuries, from limb or organ loss, to broken or destroyed bones, to entire portions of a person being gone. NSR can heal all of this.

    Anti-Aging Properties: NSR causes the aging process of an individual to halt, and their physical state to ‘reset’ to a younger, healthier form. A single treatment reduces their physical age by roughly five years, and every consecutive treatment reduces it by another five. This process will never allow a body to be reduced below the age of maturity, and if a treatment is missed the de-aging process must begin again at the minimum amount.

    Conditional Abilities:
    Oddity Regeneration:
    NSR provides a route for some species to regenerate their bodies that normally wouldn’t be able to through conventional methods such as cloning. The most notable example would be the Nas’Beru, more commonly known as Subhumans, who have no means of reacquiring lost organic limbs and organs.

    Organic Limitation:
    NSR can only be used on organics, and rarely, bio-mechanical systems.

    Personalized Mixture: NSR is tailored to the individual to ensure there isn’t an issue with both the regeneration and anti-aging process, without this, NSR doesn’t operate properly. Often failing to properly facilitate regeneration, and rarely causing dangerous growths.

    Time Consuming: Using NSR isn’t an instantaneous process, it takes on average around thirty six hours for the process to complete. This is, in part, redundancy for the regeneration aspect to ensure there aren’t complications, and for the anti-aging to complete.

    Conditional Limitations:
    Recovery Period:
    The process of such an intensive regenerative and anti-aging procedure has aftereffects, not entirely negative, but not positive. Newly regenerated portions must regain their previous strength, this is fast due to residual medicine from the procedure in a user’s system, but still requires another thirty six hours. The anti-aging aftereffects depend on the individual, as it may take time to adapt to a younger body, even if only slightly.

    Repeat Treatment: The anti-aging process of NSR isn’t permanent, on average, it only lasts around six months before the body begins to rapidly return to its previous state physically over the course of a week, and the aging process begins again. If another treatment of NSR isn’t undergone before this period begins, a user can expect their body to roughly age two weeks as the process of rapid reversion causes semi-permanent damage.

    Treatment Vulnerability: While undergoing NSR, a user is unconscious to prevent complications, and entirely vulnerable. If someone managed to reach someone in the process of NSR, they would be able to easily kill or kidnap them.

    New Biology: While NSR can easily work on almost all organic species, newly discovered species aren't immediately viable for the treatment. A period of time is required to adapt the treatment to their biology, which likely will be off-screen, but would still take at around three months.

    How does it work:

    NSR is a mixture of advanced regenerative medicine, regenerative nanotechnology, and anti-aging medicine.The former providing a large amount of primed stem cells, nutrients, and growth acceleration. The latter provides a guiding force behind this reconstruction, providing steady scaffolding for all forms of regeneration, but especially on the cellular level. Finally, added to this is a powerful cocktail of Miasma and other anti-aging medicines- such as genetic modification and repair. Additionally, oxygen is transferred through the overall solution, to ensure that a user can still breathe- the process of removing this fluid is often unpleasant, unfortunately. The combination of these techniques and technologies provides the powerful effects of the process, which is completed through submerging a user inside of a large medical vat not unlike a cloning pod.

    Flavor text:
    NSR is Lotus' solution to the severe injuries and lack of anti-aging technology present in the Fringe. The company itself took inspiration from the advanced techniques of various civ-space nations, and attempted to create their own variant. While less effective, it still provides a service that currently doesn't exist. This technology is scheduled to launch in the year 3290 to the greater Fringe, allowing the well-off individuals of the sector to acquire premium damage recovery services.

    Referenced Technologies:

    Attainability: [Semi-Closed] While NSR may exist in one form or another in Civ-Space, this app covers specifically NSR developed by the Fringe company Lotus. As such, NSR treatments and technology can currently only be purchased through them.

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    After a brief discussion about the limits of anti-aging, a clearer description for the application, and if ill-understood species could undergo the process, I deliver to thee a First Pass.
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    Second pass.