Moon - The Night Lynx

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    yes I'm literally doing a character sheet for a giant cat.
    General Information
    Moon is a 6-year old male Vistriean Night Lynx, equal to 38 in organic years. White with black stripes and big, bright orange eyes, Moon is a presence only matched by his owner, Fenyang. His primal instincts and tenacity lead him in life, second only for his loving care for his owner and best friend.

    Physical Appearance

    Standing tall at 850lbs and 5ft at the shoulder (on all fours) and 14ft long, Moon's presence is not to be taken lightly. His appearance is similar to a white bengal tiger in nature, sporting bright orange eyes.


    Personality Type: ENTJ

    Political Ideology:

    If Moon could speak, he would be a natural-born leader. Before meeting Fenyang, he was the leader of his pack, charging down prey and always seeking the next meal. After meeting Fenyang, he still feels this way. Often times, when visiting other planets or systems with Fen, he'll go off on his own and explore the area. He's known to sometimes refuse commands from his friend, and can be a little stubborn.


    Night Lynxes were a common sight on Vistriea, but rare they would be found anywhere else. Moon led his pack on hunts, scavenges and other things they needed to survive. They all slept in a den in a cave, not far from the Varga village. One day, a brutal earthquake crumbled the cave while the den was sleeping.

    While moon himself was able to escape the destruction of the cave den with his life, his pack was unable to follow him. Critically injured and alone, Moon made his way through the forests of Vistriea until he eventually collapsed, not far from the Floran village.

    Fenyang came upon the beast, and took it upon himself to nurse it back to health. During this time, Moon grew to like the Floran, and started living with him. Over the years, the two have grown inseperable, with the Night Lynx taking charge in battle and hunts, using his animalistic instincts and nature to his advantage.​
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