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    Description: Mira generally comes in the form of blue pills. These can be fashioned any way they want, but generally these pills have either an eye carved into them or are made to look like an eye.

    Abilities: Mira has more intense effects depending on the dosage.
    • Low doses can cause:
      • A mild high, Muscle relaxation, A sense of calm, Mild dissociation, Distorted visuals (Minor visual hallucinations).
    • Medium doses can cause:
      • Difficulty in movement, Numbness in phalanges, Sense of calm, A mild rush of euphoria, Visual and Auditory hallucinations, A further disconnected feeling from reality.
    • High doses can cause:
      • Total paralysis, Numbness in hands and feet, A rush of euphoria, Psychedelic hallucinations, and Ego-Death/Ego-Loss. [NOTE: Ego-Death/Loss is a feeling of complete disconnection from a person's mind and sense of self. Giving the profound experience that there is no longer an “I” experiencing the intensity of the trip anymore, there is just the trip as it is and by itself. Not the actual death of a character.]
    Generally, the drug will last anywhere between 2 and 6 hours depending on the dosage. Oftentimes the effects listed above will leave in stages.

    Conditional Abilities:
    • Mira is hard to overdose on, for what it is. Oftentimes an overdose is an amount that is 3 to 4 times higher than the recommended “high” dose.
    Conditional Limitations:
    • Possible side-effects (In order from most to least common, the higher the dosage the more likely the less common effects are)
      • Headache (Can be more severed the higher the dose)
      • Colors become more muted
      • Nausea
      • Dizziness
      • Continued Dissociation
      • Loneliness
      • Lethargy
      • Anxiety
      • Vomiting
      • Temporary amnesia
    Any of the effects above can last anywhere between half an hour up to 24 hours.
    • Bad trips on a high-dosage trip are extremely terrifying, as they feel like sleep paralysis or a nightmare where it’s difficult to move. This can last an entire 6 hour trip.
    • Overdosing can lead to
      • Seizures, vomiting, cardiac-arrest, and death.
    • Regular Long term use can cause:
      • Peripheral neuropathy (tingling/numbness in arms and legs)
      • Olney’s Lesions
      • Increases the likelihood of Parkinson’s Disease later in life
    • Mira is not physically addictive, however a user can very easily develop a psychological dependence on it. Generally it is not recommended to take Mira more than once every two weeks. Alongside this it is highly recommended not to take any depressants, such as alcohol, alongside it as that can lead to a coma or death in even small doses.

    How does it work:
    Once ingested, the chemical that makes up Mira will bind to the NMDA receptor. This causes the feeling of dissociation, and causes hallucinations. Alongside the NMDA Antagonist, Mira contains a muscle-relaxer which leads to the relaxing effect and paralysis in higher doses.

    Flavor text:
    Mira was created and released as an “experimental drug” and sold for extremely cheap, promising people willing to test it a sum of money once the experimental phase was over. Because of this, it spread like wildfire among drug users and once the experimental phase was complete, the promise was fulfilled and on top of the money distributed to those who participated, the formula was released publicly.

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