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    Name: Medical Drone Version 1.5, Porta-Doc, “Healy-Boy”

    Description: An eight legged drone (Two on each of the four “sides”) with a number of implements affixed to the bottom (capable of being retracted or extended). These implements include a needle, a syringe, a hard light emitter, as well as a few other commonly used medical implements. Additionally, there is an AED in the drone.


    Small enough to be portable via satchel or backpack (about the size of a large laptop)

    Able to be turned on via voice command.

    Able to diagnose (via scanner) what injuries a person may have.

    Use of hard light means that it always has the medical implement for the job

    Able to stitch, anesthetize, and even set broken bones

    Able to defibrillate

    Conditional Abilities (Optional):

    People with a neural link could wirelessly activate the drone.


    Person being operated on must lie still on a flat surface. If lying on a non-flat surface, drone will work more slowly and there is greater risk of aggravating the injury.

    Cannot treat illnesses, only injuries.

    Cannot perform advanced surgery (No heart surgery or things on that level)

    If the person’s injury is on the back of their body, they will need to roll over onto their chest

    Cannot assist people through armor, and will destroy clothes that are between the drone and the injured site.

    Conditional Limitations (Optional):

    Use of the AED (From the first charge to when the defibrillation is finished) will use all the battery in the drone

    Only has enough material stored within the drone for a single arm or leg splint, after which it must be refilled.

    How does it work: It’s a drone with telescopic, collapsible legs. It contains a battery, surgical supplies, and a handheld equivalent medical scanner. The scanner is used to determine if/where the person is injured, and what course of action it needs to take to fix them, using an onboard AI. The Hard Light Projector is pre programmed with various medical implements

    Flavor text: Mir designed the drone after getting one of his arms cloned, and realizing he wouldn’t be able to rely on the MANOS anymore. So he decided to design a drone that would go above and beyond the capabilities of his MANOS, so that he could help himself, and others.

    Referenced Technologies (Optional): Autodoc

    Attainability: Open

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