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    Planet Name: Kastea
    The planet consists of a many continents all with extensive mountain ranges spotted with low valleys. The weather is fairly temperate, usually warm enough to wear light clothes though the occasional rains make water proofed clothing a must.
    Resources: The planet has a large deposits of Titanium and Iron but it is burried deep in the mountains and its current residents have no reason to go digging for it.
    Population Size: 15 - 20~
    Settlements: The only established settlement at the moment is an inn run by a deadbeat woman named Pheza. She has been the sole occupant of the isolated planet for the better part of a decade until recently.
    Backstory Permissions: Closed
    Notes: Will be growing into a small village, no real plans to expand on any massive scale on the planet.
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    psst, you gotta fill out the solar system template too– any proper inhabited world needs a star!
    you might want to specify if there's any life on here too, that's a pretty vital component of any planet.
    same goes for your gossa city thread, sorry I didn't notice when you posted it
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