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    Why do you want to be Staff?
    Well, it was something I put off for the betterment of a year, and in July when I decided to "leave" GC I regretted not doing my part. If there were the Mentor role, I would have gone for that. At this point in time, I believe that all staff members are examples of what a good roleplayer ought to be so why not toss my hat into the ring?

    What skills can you bring to the staff team?

    I believe I can contribute to the community involvement and wringing in new players to the setting. I do believe I can contribute to a staff discussion regarding player or roleplay direction and sober second thoughts for other staff members (and hope vice-versa).

    What area(s) would you be most interested in helping assist with (if you have more than one preference, list in order of highest preference to lowest)?"

    The enforcement aspect of staff is something I really wish to be a voice in. I have been an advocate for transparency (as per my goodbye post thing I did back in July) but what better way to help that out than from the inside? Otherwise, I believe I can contribute a lot to creating beginner-level roleplay idea's to help people find their own cliques or places in The Fringe. Evidently, I did this with Vittoria and her news show (which I plan to revamp if approved).

    Have you had prior experience moderating/staffing an online community?

    From 2013-2017 I was pretty involved with Gmod Half-Life 2 servers (unepic I know) as a moderator, admin, or co-owner. On top of that, I have also been staff on MULTIPLE MINECRAFT server's throughout my life with over 250+ active members (This lasted a few months usually). On a few friends discords where ~60+ people are, I usually became a staff member out of nepotism.

    If so, where? What were your responsibilities?

    Relatively two of the three main responsibilities: Roleplay creation (events, lore, etc) and enforcement but not any back-end work. I was barely involved with backend management and was more community-oriented with event's, engagement, and sometimes dealing with cross-server problems (which happened a lot for Gmod CW:HL2 servers). Otherwise, it was basic responsibilities that current Monitor's do on GC.

    As staff, it is crucial to be visible to the public; on the Forums, through the Discord, and on the Server. Though it is not mandatory to be on these three all the time, do you agree to be as active as possible through these means?:

    Of course, I plan on increasing my activity on the forums if approved.

    For better interaction with our users on the Galaxy Citizen Discord server and to take full part in any voice meetings we may have in the Staff Discord, it is recommended that you use a good microphone. Do you possess a microphone (If you do not have a microphone, it will NOT affect your chances for being on Staff)?:


    What do you like about this community?:

    I think I ought to put these two different categories: OOC and IC.

    OOCly, I think GC is one of the few roleplay communities that values the input of each member. Despite being a smaller size than it was in 2016, GC has been a hallmark in Starbound / Sci-Fi roleplay across the internet. In my comparison to roleplay server's/group's I've visited over the years regarding Sci-Fi settings, GC takes the cake in both communal passion and original / reasonable lore. The staff here have experience under their belt and have seen a thicket of situations that have set a great precedent for any person to learn from and apply to their real life interactions. I'm also the guy who posts "long-term spam" every week, and I have to admit, we've got some memes with a good set of legs on them.

    ICly, GC creates a unique atmosphere that can only be replicated by the character's and niche's within it. The Shifter's, Visitant, Nas'Beru, Chinaut, and many other race's come from a foundation of reference built to a completely different structure. The faction's, albeit large and scarce nowadays contribute some of the most complex roleplay I have ever seen nor will ever see compared to. The amount of work we, as a community, have put into building our own stories around this universe is incomparable to the other large roleplay communities. This is a beautiful setting, and I would love to be a florist in a garden of creativity (i.e. staff).

    What areas would you like to receive help in should you become staff?

    I think one of the important things I may need help on is spriting and organizing certain event's on server. Should I come into any other problem's or if I feel I can't handle what I'm doing, I will ask another staff member for help :)!

    What are your weaknesses?

    I have none.
    I'm kidding. I've become more aware of my own pretentiousness and "high-horse" nuance that I never intend to do, and I have begun to work on it within the past 6 months via a change in approach and conversation techniques. I'm also prone to get frustrated with people who continuously ignore my point (as really anyone should).

    Galaxy Citizen Character name(s):

    Vittoria Fiore Angelo da Colitzenze di Roccia
    Alice Frosthand
    Illidia Duskairon

    Additional Note(s):

    By approving this application you give me permissions to kill. Do so at your own caution.