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    It occurs to me I haven't posted here as of yet! I'm Clementine on the Discord server, and crumchy here! I roleplay as the character Bonespeaker Oxo, which you may have seen a couple times. I'm a nursing student, and a rather busy one at that, so I may not be the most active on the in-game server, as I have very little time on my hands to actually get on and dedicate a few hours to roleplay, but I've been happy with what I see on the forums and Discord and hope to integrate myself into the community, until my schedule's freed up enough that I can regularly roleplay. Still, I'll attempt to be on weekly, at least, and will have more activity on the Nexus IC channels. As for anything else about me? Er... I live in Texas, which is neat, I guess. I've also been playing Starbound since... Beta, I believe. I like the lore. A lot. I'd just inspect everything I come about, and made "alts" of specific races just to get everyone's side!
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