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    Name: Gorgons, Kingslayers, Guardians

    Description: Gorgons are incredibly varied war machines that have incredibly similar biology to Glitch. Their bodies are made up of nanocells and require many of the same things they do to survive, with the exception that they can add to themselves with the nanocells of other Glitch.

    Outside of multiple Gorgons put in the same location, it is rare that any two will look alike, most being made for specific tasks which may not apply the next time one is created.

    Behavior: Gorgons often never leave the location they’ve been assigned to guard- unless that area has been destroyed, or they are hunting the ones who invaded it.

    Tamability: - Gorgons can only be ‘tamed’ if someone has their name, otherwise they are untameable in every manner. Though some can be bargained with.

    Where is it found?: Glitch holy sites, Glitch crypts, and the lairs of Glitch archmages.

    Rarity: Rare.

    Diet/Method of gaining nutrients and energy:

    Products?: The only products are the possible parts you could salvage from them.

    Reproduction: Gorgons cannot reproduce- they are created, not born.

    Size: Incredibly varied. Some are smaller than most humanoids, others can be similar in size to elephants, and in some cases they appear even larger though few examples of this are known.

    Weight: Incredibly varied. Can weigh anywhere from 80lbs to over 600lbs.

    Lifespan: For most- their lifespan is theoretically forever, unless killed of course, which is more likely to happen. For those that are converted however, their lifespans can be measured in a handful of years.

    Abilities: Gorgons have the unique ability to interact with Glitch nooradios in a number of ways depending on the Glitch. Hivemind Glitch are rendered completely unable to receive any sensory information and move. Hivemind Doomlords are put in a state best referred to as groggy and sluggish. This state is the same for non-hivemind Glitch, while non-hivemind Doomlords remain completely unaffected.

    Considerably durable to conventional weaponry- and the plating that typically covers them can vary widely, from ferozium to impervium and anything in-between.

    Gorgons can ‘consume’ the nanocells of Glitch, adding them to themselves to increase in size and repair themselves. This can only be done on Glitch that have been killed.

    Flaws: EMP grenades and sappers will have a similar effect on them as they would a Glitch.

    Electric weaponry is particularly effective against them- more so than any other type of weapon.

    If an individual has a specific Gorgon’s name in Elder Speak, they can give it orders that /must/ be followed.

    Other: The Cheffy stamp- ask me before using :)
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    Hi! Massive pending for now, for a few key reasons:

    - One, I'd like a more descriptive description, outside of "they can look like anything." A few examples would be nice, or a few examples of the more typical forms they take. This also includes the products portion- Could one harvest the component that messes with Glitch nooradios? What about any other features?
    - Two, "with the exception that they can add to themselves with the nanocells of other Glitch." How do they add/repair themselves with nanocells? What does this process look like?
    - Three, you left diet blank. Glitch and their creations still typically need to eat/acquire energy somehow!

    Thanks for your patience!
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