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    FORORBS!, Moisture Response Beads, Bloodsuckers

    Small, plastic-y beads, FORORBS! come in colors from silver to gold to the achromatic spectrum. Often found in the ruins of outposts made years ago, they are commonly in worn down bottles with torn labels, mysteriously untouched by scavengers.

    FORORB! it up!
    -When exposed to any amount of moisture, FORORBS! can suck the moisture out of its surroundings, storing it in its highly plastic shell; with this action, each FORORB! can swell up to the size of a basketball before rupturing into a shower of whatever fluids it gathered. This works on any surface that contains moisture and in any atmosphere that contains vapors; this includes wet concrete, foams, skin, terran atmospheres, and more!

    Conditional Abilities:
    -Banned by civspace governments for its ability to completely fuck sewage systems and for its horrid abilities when loaded into a BB gun, many cases of civil protest were capped off with blocked sewage systems caused by one man with a jar of FORORBS!

    -Just small enough to be used in BB guns well, FORORBS! can be shot at people for truly horrific results should they enter the bloodstream or get into the skin through even shallow cuts. Not only do they siphon off blood quite quickly, they can swell under the skin and cause further internal damage. Rumor has it that some have even been put in grenades.

    Hard to store!
    -Without careful sealing, FORORBS! will make a huge mess. Manufacturing is a pain in the ass because of this, and finding an intact bottle is even harder.

    Conditional Limitations:
    BBs suck!
    -Not only do the BBs require special, sealed BB guns to not ruin them, they are notoriously unreliable at range due to soaking up the atmospheric moisture. However, they are slightly better in zero-atmo environments.

    -Incapable of soaking up acids.

    How does it work:
    Just like their slightly more tame cousins in earlier times, FORORBS! are made up of polymer chains capable of lengthening with the addition of water or other fluids. However, unlike their predecessors, FORORBS! are chemically much more reactive and can lengthen their polymer lines much further. These lines are also much stronger and can stretch much further before breaking. Thus, when introduced to fluids, they can expand by absorbing their surrounding moistures, breaking up only after reaching a massive size.

    Flavor text:
    Developed by floran saboteurs during their conflict with the hylotl under the guise of a toys company, these orbs were designed to cause horrible ecological damage to the ocean worlds the fish held dear. It was never deployed in any significant way, but it did find use as a very short lived toy line that was unanimously banned not long after.



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