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    General Information
    First name: Eryx
    Middle name(s): Jaize
    Surname: Starkid
    Age: 427
    Race: Novakid
    Gender: Male
    Polarity: Dual
    Sexuality: Straight
    Current residence: Ship
    Relationship status: Widower; novakid wife died of old age 30 years ago
    Social status: Commoner and nomad, largely unknown to the entire galaxy.
    Financial standing: Poor, but stable; a lifetime of work has allowed him to live with simple comforts on his ship, though only through careful saving and spending.

    Traits of Voice

    Accent: North American Western
    Language spoken: Galactic Common
    Other languages known: Sign Language
    Style of speaking: Firm, concise, and calm
    Volume of voice: Between low and normal

    Physical Appearance

    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 160 lbs
    Plasma Color: Red
    Plasma Brightness: Dim
    Plasma Visibility: Opaque
    Plasma Movement: Constantly visually fluctuating
    Membrane Temperature: Cool
    Shape of face: Round
    Distinguishing features: Brand is notably worn with small scratches and miniature dents
    Build of body: Puffy due to age
    "Hair" style: Styled long and unkempt
    Posture: Straight backed, chest slightly puffed out, fists typically clenched
    Typical clothing: Old brown cloak, brown cowboy hat, cowboy boots, blue jeans, gun belt, unbuttoned black shirt, brown undershirt, wire necklace w/ 2 gold rings
    Is seen by others as: Easygoing, very forgetful, possesses a strong moral compass


    Likes: Firearms, billiards and card games, diary writing, short stories
    Dislikes: Blatantly immoral actions, poetry (especially Hylotl), cocky attitudes
    Education: Attended trade schools for metalworking and kinetic gunsmithing
    Notable Skills: Gunsmithing, metalworking, marksmanship, basic melee, cards, billiards
    Fears: Total memory loss, protokids, starvation
    Personal goals: Living out remaining decades in peace, keeping a clear conscience
    General attitude: Generally easygoing and relaxed, though capable of turning serious when the situation calls for it
    Religious values: Agnostic; never bothers looking into religion
    General intelligence: Normal; extremely skilled gunfighter, competent metalworker and gunsmith, but otherwise processes new and current information at a normal rate of speed and efficiency.
    General sociability: Perfectly comfortable talking to strangers and making friends, although it takes more than one conversation for him to recognize or remember anything about those he talks to.


    Illnesses: Brand wear and tear; has trouble forming new long term memories, and requires consistency in order to retain vague information such as who he knows and information about them. Short-term memory is largely unaffected.
    Allergies: Crude oil (causes temporary brightness fluctuations and mild "nausea")
    Sleeping habits: Avoids long sleep periods in favor of naps throughout the day
    Energy level: Low
    Eating habits: Believes in three square meals a day, typically avoiding snacking unless it's for recreation
    Memory: Retains all long term memories formed before 400 and retains short term memories well, though has trouble forming new long term memories. See Illnesses.
    Any unhealthy habits: N/A; worked out bad habits years ago

    Eryx originally hails from a small colony close to the Fringe with a majority-human population, as well as a novakid minority. Raised around humans, Eryx naturally assumed a mirror-perfect humanoid shape, particularly the general shape of one of his parents' old friends. As soon as he reached maturity, he did as most novakid do: He began wandering. For nearly two centuries he made his living as a gunslinger in the more lax areas of civspace, taking on whatever combative work he could manage to find, some of which put him at odds with local law enforcement. Severe offenses on dozens of planets resulted in Eryx escaping back to the fringes of the galaxy, where he learned the more tame profession of metalworking in an attempt to lye low. After meeting his spouse, it inevitably turned into his permanent profession alongside gunsmithing. After roughly two hundred years of artisan work across several planets, his wife inevitably passed from old age, leaving the novakid alone once more. He traded his sedentary career for a life of wandering once more, with Eryx now looking for a place to settle down for his final decades after centuries of life.


    Parents: Deceased via age
    Siblings: N/A; only child
    Children: N/A; never wants children
    Love interest: N/A; widower as of 30 years ago

    -Stay tuned
    -Stay tuned
    -Stay tuned
    -Stay tuned
    -The Queen: "My brand might be damaged, but there's no way in hell I can forget some kin' o' flesh-monster poppin' otta' the wall. I don't remember all the details, but I remember them. Kind feller, but their looks are gon' take some gettin' used to."
    -Duke Osalas: "Fancy-lookin' glitch, skin made o' silver an' a mask o' gold from what I remember.. Don't quite remember how I feel about em'."
    -Alleen Sizani: "Mmm.. Some kind o' chef, if I remember. Human girl, normal clothes.."
    -Nadhezhda: "Shy, nervous apex from what I remember. Got a reason to be so unsettled, gone through a lot to escape the Minikong, had to kill a guard or two.."
    -Vagrant: "... Who? Was that the one girl, that... Nope, lost it."
    -Big Dyz: "... That name, it's.. It rings somethin', can't rightly say what."
    -Kera'tiv: "Why do I remember somethin'.. Bright?"
    -Ry Fael: "That name, it makes me wanna think o' purple.."
    -Thiago Nascimento: "Who?"
    -Zarta Hodunk: "Hm... Nope, nothin'."
    -Yew: "Never heard that name in my life..."
    -Lessyln Airgid Luidh Stuiricke II: "Who's that again?"
    -Noi'kythata: "Never heard o' em'."
    -Belle: "Reminds me o' my hat, for some reason.."
    -Dave: "Ain't a feller I know of."
    -Eri: "Hmm... Were they... Someone big, maybe...?"


    Peaceful or violent: Neutral; prefers peaceful resolution, but will not hesitate to use force if deemed necessary
    Weapon(s): .44 caliber single-action revolver (modified; hammer is elongated upwards, very sensitive trigger, no trigger guard), .308 caliber semi-automatic sniper rifle, 6" knife
    Armor: N/A
    Style of fighting: Prefers to lure combatants into "standoff" scenarios, in which he is extremely deadly. In other circumstances, at as long of a range as is practical and utilizing kinetic firearms.
    Skills: Extremely skilled and practiced in quickdraw techniques, skilled marksman, basic unarmed and knife skills


    Occupation: Roaming gunslinger (former), metalworker (former), gunsmith (former), nomad (current)
    Current home: Ship
    Favorite types of food: Any type of bread.
    Favorite types of drink: 55% ABV alcohol, must be as fire-resistant as possible but still capable of burning
    Hobbies/past times: Diary writing, reading, practicing with guns and quickdraw techniques, billiards games, card games. Typically writes down important events and notes in his personal tablet to compensate for brand damage.
    Guilty pleasures: Overcharging
    Pet peeves: Not clearing unused firearms/leaving energy weapons on, improper firearm use/maintenance
    Pets: N/A
    Talents: Extreme proficiency in quickdraw techniques, very quick reflexes
    Favorite colors: Bright blue (his former plasma color), yellow (spouse's former plasma color)
    Favorite type of music: Folk

    Side Note
    My apologies for the many, many cliches. Nevertheless, I hope to have some fun and write some good stories.
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    this guy rocks
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    Time to start sprucing it up as I go. Reworked relationships into Family and Relationships separately, and added a person while I was at it.
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