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    General Information

    Name: Eri Wavebreaker (Rough Translation from her home village's word for "Big Wave Break"... She also thinks it sounds cool.)

    Age: 22

    Date of birth: March 19th XXXX

    Race: Hylotl

    Gender: F

    Sexuality: Ace/Pan

    Current Residence: A Ship On Renaize

    Relationship status: "S-Single."

    Financial standing: Well Off

    Traits of Voice

    Accent (if any): None

    Language spoken: Common

    Other languages known: “Axolotian"

    Style of speaking: Calm, Gentle

    Volume of voice: Low in polite conversation, Loud when provoked.

    Physical Appearance

    Short Description: Eri is a large scaled humanoid with green and grey scales with some spots of white. She doesn't look like a hylotl however, standing at 8'3" without including her constrictor-sized spine-edged tail, and having only two dark blue eyes with pale blue irises that glow. She also has large hands and claws on both her hands and feet, alongside monstrous fangs that show when she talks or opens her mouth. Lastly, she has a head of back-length dark green "hair," and her limbs are covered in white scars that contrast the grey scales.

    Detailed Version: Here


    Likes: Talkative People, Water, Food, Cooking, Cold Places, Soft Things, Meat, Fruits, Vibrant Colors

    Dislikes: Judgemental People, Antagonistic People, Earthquakes, Dull Colors

    Education: Highschool (Rough Equivalent)

    Fears: Being Alone, Not Being Able To Help, Losing Her Home

    Personal goals: Finding More Friends, Learning How To Help Psions

    General attitude: Calm, Nervous, Protective

    Religious values: Druidic, but Agnostic

    General intelligence: Low Booksmarts, High Streetsmarts/Instincts/Awareness

    General sociability: High!... When she isn't socially anxious!


    Medical Issues(if any): None!

    Allergies (if any): Mild Spring Pollen Allergy

    Sleeping habits: Nocturnal

    Energy level: Moderate

    Eating habits: Heavy eater, prefers meat and fruits

    Memory: Long

    Any unhealthy habits: Has a taste for raw meat, High Stress leads to scratching at scales


    A summary of background information for the character.

    Born to a fishing village on a planet dominated by sea, storms, and deep sea life, Eri grew up happily in a large family, equal parts related by blood and by bond. Of all of them, she was the smallest, yet still among the most bold. Swimming into waves, fishing for large catches, and always eager to learn her people's way of fighting… Yet one day, her bold nature was shattered as a violent storm wiped her home from the shore, and swept her far and deep beneath the waves. She spent most of her youth and adolescence learning to survive in harsh sea caverns and tending with creatures bigger than she was, until she became strong enough to fight her way out and back to a shore, though not the one she knew. Shaped by a harsh environment and transformed into something straight from a deep sea documentary, she found work as a bodyguard for her intimidating looks and beastial strength, and eventually that work would lead her to the Fringe.

    (Note: Her backstory here is heavily watered down for brevity, and also to allow the majority of the character's story to be told IC as, well, stories. On this sheet it is meant as a brief footnote to explain her appearance and her capabilities, as well as why she's in the Fringe.)




    "Ki'a's the c-closest thing to family I-I have. L-Like a little brother, almost… I want to keep him safe and see him grow, b-but I know he's his own person and w-wants to be independent."


    "No one here but us Chickens!" -This section will be updated in the future



    "A-Another big person. She w-was always really nice, to me and t-to Ki'a."


    “It's been a long time since we talked a-and sparred. I still miss s-sparring…"


    “... I still w-wish I could make up with you."


    “I miss Zarta… She was always nice, t-to me and to others."



    "Sh-She worked in a cafe on Haven and is f-friends with Lithui and Ki'a I think…?"


    “I think he's too quick to judge, but he tries t-to do good…”


    "H-He worked with me to make my armor. He seems u-um… Nice?"

    “She seems k-kinda strict, but nice? I didn’t talk with her enough t-to think much more.”



    "... I still want to punch her."


    "He manipulated Ki'a and j-joined Veilpiercer to hunt… C-Conduits? That's the word… I think… I-I don't want to see him anywhere near Ki'a again."


    Combat Skills: Unarmed, Grappling, Heavy Melee Weaponry, Limited Shotgun Training, Heavy Armor Training


    Black Iron Kanabo: A large 6' metal bludgeon, fashioned like a popular hylonese greatclub. It's been through much use, and its heavy nature bears little bother to its wielder. It is typically wrapped in bandages to avoid causing damage to others, but it has deadly spikes that can help it crack through thin metals and bones.

    Plasma Axe: This greataxe is mostly mundane, except for the fact its back head is fitted with a small fireaxe sized plasma blade. The front head is heavy enough to chop through a human limb or torso, while the plasma blade is only good for making smaller cuts into large targets or breaking small weak points. Eri was given this when she first came to the Fringe, being hired and sheltered by a friend.

    Khiknos Brand Durasteel Plate Mail: An old but reliable suit of Plate Mail, about 0.3" in thickness everywhere but the chest, which is 0.4", and the forearms, which are 0.6". It's been modified from the original medieval style to be airtight, mostly to have heat regulation to not cook Eri alive in hot environments where she already struggles. The helmet has both digital and physical view methods, being able to open more traditional visor slits by parting the fangs or to give Eri a full field of view via small cameras and a display on the interior. Lastly, the armor has a small backpack to hold weapons, ammo, and more importantly the system for regulating heat and filtering air.

    Visually, it's design is mostly like Western Platemail, with large curved segments of plate interlocked to prevent easy penetration on the arms and neck, though not the legs which have simple chainmail over the joints. She wears her wave patterned skirt over the legs, and usually has a mailbag strapped to the small of her back. The helmet and hands stand out the most, the latter having distinctive claws in the large gauntlet's design, and the former having a fanged maw instead of a faceplate with a large bushy green plume sticking out of the back.

    Bulletproof Vest: Minimal explanation should be needed for a tried and true kevlar vest with the word 'SECURITY' in bold white letters on its front.

    CICISAFE 'Brand' Jacket: Whether or not this jacket is officially endorsed by CICISAFE is unclear, but it's what Eri wears on the clock as security for them or her bodyguard work. It's large, fire retardant, and cut resistant. Usually it covers her arms, neck, and halfway down her thighs, styled like a fireman's coat after remembering a friend who wore something similar. On its right bicep is written the company name 'CICISAFE,' printed twice and wrapped around it.

    Shield Belt: Owing to realizing that a suit of armor isn't very good for everyday wear, Eri spent a chunk of her savings on this. It's capable of taking five small arms shots or one heavy caliber shot.

    Diana Brand Shotgun and LMG: Guns of unspecified caliber and capacity given to her during the Wynn incident. The latter is completely unused but she has practiced with the shotgun, enough to desire her own even if it's a very lethal option.


    Occupation: CICISAFE Employee!

    Current home: Renaize

    Favorite types of food: Meats, Teriyaki, Grilled, Seafood (Has a fondness for shellfish)

    Favorite types of drink: Flavorful and Sweet drinks

    Hobbies/Pastimes: Sparring, Swimming, Making Armor

    Guilty pleasures: Cute Things (Clothes, Stuffed Animals, Etc. More or less anything she thinks doesn’t fit with how she looks)

    Pet peeves: Self-Righteous Bullies

    Pets: Wants One!

    Favorite colors: Orange, Blue, Green, Purple, Yellow

    Favorite type of music: Orchestral, Rock, Metal, and Jazz. Also enjoys more classical sounds.


    Survival: Swimming, Cooking, Hunting, Tracking, Gathering, First Aid

    Creation: Metalworking, Leatherworking, Armorsmithing, Weaponsmithing, Knitting, Sewing

    Perception: Keen Scent, Sound, and Night Vision. Has strong spatial awareness even without sight, to the point of being able to detect moving things behind her if she's actively keeping her guard up. This has been shown IC.

    Amazing (Though Slightly Off) Reference Image by MaskedHero!!
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    Updated to include better detail for the appearance, updates to wardrobe, likes, dislikes, and relationships. As well as residence and occupuation.
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    Update: Fully overhauled the sheet beyond some minor details, need to reformat it for the wiki when I have more time. Main updates are her appearance, a list of equipment, updated relationships, and a refurbished snippet of her backstory!