Eri, the Gentle Roar

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    General Information

    First name: Eri

    Middle name(s): NA

    Surname: NA

    Age: 21 (Doesn’t remember)

    Date of birth: March 19th XXXX

    Race: Hylotl

    Gender: F

    Sexuality: -

    Current residence: None

    Relationship status: “What is…? Is… Kind of ship?”

    Financial standing: Decent.

    Traits of Voice

    Accent (if any): Not Applicable

    Language spoken: Common

    Other languages known: “Axolotian”

    Style of speaking: Calm, Gentle, Slow

    Volume of voice: Usually soft, sometimes loud.

    Physical Appearance

    Height: 8’1” (+5’9” of tail)

    Weight: 450 lbs

    Eye color: Murky Blue

    Skin color: Black and Green scales, pale underbelly

    Shape of face: Round with a slight snout

    Distinguishing features: Freakish size, forearms widen to hand, large spined and finned tail

    Build of body: Bottom Heavy, overall Muscular, flat

    Hair color: Dark Green

    Hair style: Swamp Creature Mop

    Complexion: Smooth, small scales

    Posture: Straight back, arched neck

    Tattoos: NA

    Piercings: NA

    Typical clothing: See: Clothing under Full Description.

    Is seen by others as: Eri is likely seen by others as intimidating due to her size and quiet. Eri is likely known by others as a quiet, gentle person with tougher capabilities.


    Webbing: Similar to amphibians, Eri has webbing between each finger and toe, as well as a slight membrane connecting the upper and lower portions of her arms and legs.

    Developed Tail: Eri has a large tail, almost doubling her length, and is thicker than many large snakes bearing large spined fins running from the base of her spine all the way to the tip. She typically wraps it around herself, or lets it drag on the ground.

    Full Description:


    Eri stands at roughly 8’, bearing a muscular and broad physique. Her figure is slightly bottom heavy, and while her upper body is muscular she is completely flat. Her body is primarily covered in dark green and black scales, the former on her face, back, bicep, and thigh, the latter on the rest of her arms, legs, and with stripes on her back, alongside dull white scales on her underbelly. Her arms are long, her forearm widening to her large hands rather than narrowing at the wrist, covered in miscellaneous scars beneath bandages. Each digit bears a short yet distinct claw, and there’s slight webbing between each. Lastly, she has a tail that she keeps wrapped around her waist normally, dragging along the ground otherwise.


    Eri’s face bears soft features, being wide and slightly round, though lacking a nose or other protrusion. Her mouth is very wide, spanning most of her jaw, though only when stretched. Her mouth is lined with immense fangs, like an angler’s yet thicker. Most of her face is obscured by her hair, which runs in thick yet multiple tendrils halfway down her back, and parts enough for her mouth to be seen, being a darker shade of green than the scales on her face.

    Eri has two eyes, both of them wide and large, though usually resting at a slight nervous squint. They bear a distinct dark blue color, softly glowing at all times, and glowing a much brighter shade of blue when Eri is focused. In the center of that sea of blue sit two large, rectangular pupils spanning the full height of her eye, looking similar to a slitted pupil. At the center of said pupils is a narrow yellow slit, adding a distinction on color.


    Eri’s original outfit is simplistic beyond one element. She has bandages covering her arms from the bicep down, a plain black skin-tight and sleeveless shirt that covers her torso, and a large orange skirt with slits to allow better mobility without sending the whole skirt moving. The skirt has a blue wave design starting from the bottom and coming up to about halfway up the skirt.

    After living in the fringe, Eri has acquired more clothes. She favors hoodies and sweater, as well as skin-tight shirts. She usually wears sweatpants or other loose leggings. Though, she still has a disdain for shoes due to her clawed toes, and preferring the feeling of the earth and floor beneath her soles.


    Likes: Talkative People, the Sea, Food, Warm Places, Soft Things, Meat, Fruits, Vibrant Colors

    Dislikes: Judgemental People, Antagonistic People, Vegetables, Earthquakes, Dull Colors

    Education: Highschool (Rough Equivalent)

    Fears: Being Alone, Failing to Protect Friends

    Personal goals: Find friends.

    General attitude: Cautious

    Religious values: Agnostic. They’re interested in the concept of gods and religion, but do not actively believe and follow any one doctrine.

    General intelligence: Low Booksmarts, High Streetsmarts/Instincts/Awareness

    General sociability: Always happy to hear others talk and to try and converse despite off-putting appearance.


    Medical Issues(if any): None. Biology still deviates from the norm, yet any direct issues have been solved.

    Allergies (if any):

    Sleeping habits: Nocturnal

    Energy level: Moderate

    Eating habits: Heavy eater, prefers meat and fruits

    Memory: Long

    Any unhealthy habits: Has a taste for raw meat


    Foreword: I’m fully prepared to adjust this section as needed, this is just where I’m jotting down every detail I have in my head for it so it doesn’t come off as an asspull, powergame, etc when or if it comes up.

    Deviations Overview:

    Eri’s biology is, at a base, still that of a normal hylotl. No bizarre organs, no outside influences beyond circumstances.

    Growth: Eri’s growth has been accelerated by the large intake of nutrients in her youth, and her body still has that same capacity if she consumed the same immense quantity of food. However, her growth is currently stunted by a diminished appetite, and several layers of hardened shed she has refused to deal with.

    Muscle Density: Eri has a high muscle density, both increasing her strength and the amount of weight she has to throw around, but limiting her in the speed department. However, she remained flexible courtesy of the amount of movement required in the water. (Short version: Fast at sea, Slow on land)

    That Damn Tail: Eri has a large tail, with large stretches of fins and equally high density of muscles to use it as both a movement tool in the water and as an extra limb on land. She refrains from this, knowing she’d wind up hurting someone due to a lack of restraint.

    Abrasive Touch: Eri’s scales are generally rough to the touch, and especially on her hands and claws there seem to be elements designed to increase her grip on slippery targets, with hooked formations to dig into scales. Her claws are large and dense, taking up a fair portion of her fingers, and are hooked at the tip to similarly catch nooks and crannies.

    Enhanced Senses: Thanks to her time dealing with creatures in the deep and living completely on her own in the wild, Eri has a very sharp sense of smell and hearing, as well as heightened awareness of her surroundings. These sense can of course be overloaded, and exploited.

    Thick Hide: Scales excluded, Eri’s outer layer is thicker than most hylotl, and her body is generally more adjusted to the cold. However, heat is far deadlier, and she can easily die of overheating in hot areas.

    Updated: After shedding the outermost layer, her hide now softer. It is not as resilient as it was prior, and Eri is more flexible and slightly faster because of it.

    Room To Grow: Even if the danger is long gone, the instinctive alterations in her body to grow to her environment remain. She may change more with time. As an example, her scales were initially brighter, yet have changed to black in many areas and to a darker shade of green to blend into her surroundings, though the orange scales on her torso did not fully change.


    A summary of background information for the character.

    As a child, Eri’s hometown was swept away by a severe Tsunami, trapping her out at sea in a deep, predator-laden abyss her people called ‘The Deep.’ In that deep, dark place, she found herself barely staying alive, but eventually managed to grow and move from scraping by to killing bigger and bigger fish, eventually becoming something resembling the apex of the predators there. Her body adapted over the years, spurred on by what was meant to be a metamorphosis to absorb excess parts of her biology, it instead fed on the excess of nutrients and caused her to mutate, in a sense, developing her body into the monstrous state it is now. She eventually found her way out, however, and wandered for years after until eventually finding her way to the Fringe, hopping from place to place using what she scrounged together.




    “Ki’a is like family, but know not same. Feel like… Need protect, or at least, want see grow and be happy. Not want watch be sad and not able do what want, though… Have lot of people who not think can take care of self… And for while was worried could not. But… Ki’a can take care of self, just need learn how, and will teach if wants.”

    Best Friends:


    “Friend Xiv is… Mm. She has done lot for Eri. Got out of bad place, saved from bad people, ad brought to nice place where has met many new people. Even pays for protect… But… I failed. Friend was killed because not more cautious… Have lot to make up for.”



    “Only know Zarta is friend of Ki’a, and seem… Nice. Talked about metalwork, though… Never got hear more about, or start with.”


    “Not know much about friend Xeres. Only met once at Timmersby.”


    “Only know friend Tina try help others. Wants do good, but lack… ‘Safety.’ Take risks, and risk went bad.”


    “Mmmm… Not say anything about friend Tix. Know too little. Know like fight for fun, and know good sport.”


    “Only talk with for short time and met once. Nice person, seem talk much.”



    “Friend Naru many things. Calm, Angry, Protective, all in short span. Have lot of pain, and not know how handle pain without putting all on self. Maybe can help open up, but not think Eri right for job.”


    “Friend Ichiro is… Interesting. Has lot of problems, think. Not have best judgement… Think can relate sometimes.”

    Mary Proctor

    “Not know much about, but… Hope has learned. Hope has changed. Think of Mary person not as enemy, but as… Threat, if make sense.


    “Mm… Not think have enemies. Maybe some not like Eri, but… I not mind. But…”



    “Kyriaki person... Not want say what think about Kyriaki person. Not want think about what think about Kyriaki person. Thoughts… Bad. Thoughts… Not work right when think about. Never want hurt, never want kill, but… Kyriaki person different. Kyriaki person deserve.”


    Peaceful or violent: Mostly peaceful. She is a protector first, though she does enjoy friendly sparring.

    Weapon (if applicable): Her body and her Kanabo.

    Style of fighting:

    Barehanded: Eri practices a style of fighting that mixes using her weight like a Sumo and utilizing her opponent’s energy like Judo. She often prefers to use her hands even while wielding a weapon, hoping to avoid inflicting major injuries.

    Kanabo: Eri’s kanabo is mainly wielded as a defensive tool. The large, sturdy mass of metal serves more as a deflecting tool or as a way to try and batter opponents to open their defenses, or get them to move erratically. She favors sweeping moves that aim for the legs, or to utilize hers and the kanabo’s weight to accelerate her movements.

    Additional Combat Information:

    Custom-Made Durasteel Armor:

    When she expects to be shot at, or is on the job, Eri dons a large set of plate armor that she had custom-made for her after some time in the Fringe. The set takes elements from Eastern and Western armor, mainly featuring rounded, interlayered plats over the torso, arms, and legs, with the join gaps blocked with chain mail overtop an inner dermal suit to keep out the cold or heat. The armor features a sleeve for her tail, and clawed digits for her hands and feet. The gauntlets are very large, due to having to match the size of her forearms and then some. The helmet is simple, with an extended set of plates to cover the back of her neck and to drape down into the gorget around her neck, with a removable fanged faceplate over her mouth and a slit visor for her to see through. There is also a hole in the top of the helmet for her hair to stick out through, like a plume.

    Dual-Edge Plasma Axe:

    Eri wields an axe designed to have a plasma-based edge and a reinforced metal edge, easily managed by spinning the axe in her hands. The plasma edge is short, about the side of a fireaxe head, concentrating the plasma for precise attacks. The gas is released by a trigger just below the head of the axe.

    (Note: This hasn’t come up, as OOCly I’ve only discusses this thing with Exon and ICly Eri hasn’t had a reason to use it, since an axe is a lot deadlier than a cloth-wrapped mass of metal.)

    Extra Note: This is going away soon.


    Occupation: Greenheart Employee….? (Details Fuzzy)

    Current home: NA

    Favorite types of food: Meats, Teriyaki, Grilled, Seafood (Has a fondness for shellfish)

    Favorite types of drink: Mead, Water

    Hobbies/Pastimes: Sparring, Swimming, Stargazing, Birdwatching.

    Guilty pleasures: Cute Things (Clothes, Stuffed Animals, Etc. More or less anything she thinks doesn’t fit with how she looks)

    Pet peeves: Can’t tolerate underhanded tactics (Hostages, Poison, Outnumbering, etc.). Despises people who disregard people’s feelings or wants.

    Pets: Doesn’t have one.

    Talents: Singing, Swimming, Smithing, Woodwork, Protecting

    Favorite colors: Orange, Blue, Green, Purple, Yellow

    Favorite type of music: Orchestral, Rock, Metal, and Jazz. Also enjoys more classical sounds.

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    Updated to include better detail for the appearance, updates to wardrobe, likes, dislikes, and relationships. As well as residence and occupuation.
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