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    First name: Dox
    Surname: Rhueberint
    Age: 22
    Date of birth: 20/10/3261 (though she herself can only ballpark it within a few years either way)
    Race: Fenerox/Vampyr
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Bi
    Current residence: Gossa City, Renaize
    Relationship status: Single
    Financial standing: Relatively poor, but decent at budgeting what she has

    Accent (if any): Phonetic
    Language spoken: Common
    Other languages known: None
    Style of speaking: Dox switches between casual speech and technical terms based on her mood
    Volume of voice: Usually quiet, Dox will rarely raise her voice except for volume reasons, even when angered

    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 107 lbs.
    Eye color: Crimson
    Fur color: Sandy tan
    Shape of face: Standard tapered muzzle for Fenerox
    Distinguishing features: Dox has a pair of long, sharpened, hooked horns on her forehead.
    Build of body: Dox is thin, almost fragile in appearance.
    Hair color: Sandy tan color, just as her fur
    Hair style: Dox's Vampyric mutations caused her to grow a shoulder-length mane.
    Posture: Dox stands straight, but her posture quickly deteriorates when in a seated position.
    Tattoos: None
    Piercings: None
    Typical clothing: Dox will generally wear her favorite ballistic vest (class II), her holophone (red, worn as an armband), a paracord survival bracelet, and a pair of military-issue camouflage pants.
    Is seen by others as: Fiery, intelligent, perhaps a bit short-sighted

    Likes: Hot chocolate, Renaize, personal freedom, firearms, powered armor
    Dislikes: Dictators, killing, court systems, artificial intelligence
    Education: Dox had full grade school education on her homeworld, as well as impromptu if detailed firearms training. She has also continued to teach herself things as she comes across them.
    Fears: Artificial intelligence, her own death
    Personal goals: Dox wishes to own powered armor and live on Renaize until she dies.
    General attitude: Pragmatic, with hints of optimism. Dox tries to see the positive in reality without looking past the negative, and accepts reality as it is presented to her.
    Religious values: Dox is an atheist. She finds religion to be a waste of time, due to lack of evidence.
    General intelligence: Dox is extremely intelligent. However, she is prone to reckless behavior, which often stifles her intellect.
    General sociability: Dox has no idea how she makes friends, but she does. She stumbles her way into social scenarios and forgets how she did so.

    Illnesses (if any): Dox is a carrier of the Vampyr FEV, Cieleblod strain. In addition, she suffers from mild vitamin deficiencies, which she is aware of and currently fixing.
    Allergies (if any): Dox is allergic to bees. Dox does not know she is allergic to bees, because she has never even seen a bee.
    Sleeping habits: Rather unhealthy. Dox stays up unhealthily late, and gets up well after most of the world has started.
    Energy level: It varies depending on her mood, how well she slept and whether her pocket drake, Coco, has fed recently. It can vary between extremely peppy and excited to absolutely dead inside.
    Eating habits: Dox eats a well-rounded diet with a general schedule.
    Memory: Dox is often forgetful. Whether this is a symptom of a deeper problem or not is uncertain.
    Any unhealthy habits: Dox has been developing a dependency on her pocket drake, Coco.

    3261 - Dox is born. Her unidentified Fenerox parents put her up for adoption when she is too young to remember.

    3263 - Project "Iron Hail" is started on the world of Calyth, beginning with a controller A.I. system.

    3270 - Dox is adopted by a pair of relatively normal human parents.

    3277 - Dox is gifted her first firearm for her 16th birthday. This firearm is a lightweight .22 ballistic handgun. Magazine-fed. Dox is also hired for her first job, as a fry cook.

    3278 - Habitual criminal William Kulant corners Dox in a back alley as she is coming out of her job. Dox opens fire on the aggressor, landing one shot center mass and one headshot. Kulant dies in the hospital two days later and Dox is charged with murder and sentenced to 10 years in prison with a forced, corrupt trial.

    3278 - Project "Iron Hail" comes to a head. The controller A.I. proceeds to destroy its creators and attempt to cleanse the planet it "owns" through precise placement of nuclear weapons. Dox's adopted parents are among the millions killed.

    3279 - In the aftermath of the Iron Hail incident, Dox is freed from prison by a kind warden by the name of Joseph Rogers. Rogers hands her a spare gun from the prison's armory - a .45 handgun - and gives her a short firearms training course.

    3279 - Dox and Rogers strike out into the wasteland that remains of their homeworld, surviving together until Rogers' untimely death at the hands of several raiders. Dox's kill count increases to three.

    3279 - An unfortunate crew of scrappers come across what is left of Dox's homeworld, only to be shot dead by a desperate Dox. Dox steals their ship and strikes out into the universe. Dox's kill count increases to nine.

    3280 - Dox is hired for her first mercenary job - an engagement alongside the Apex Resistance, against the Miniknog. Dox's kill count increases to fifteen and the Resistance wins the engagement.

    3280 - Dox begins to exhibit signs of malnourishment, her lack of sustainable income starving her.

    3281 - Dox is hired for her second mercenary job. She is hired to a world ravaged by holy war and inhabited by two factions - the Acolytes of Thunder and the Reformation of Lightning. These two factions worship the same god and share a holy book - however, they disagree on a single line within this holy book. They also commonly use arc weaponry - Dox is struck by an arc pistol and sustains moderate nerve damage, leaving her relatively inured to pain. The Acolytes win the conflict in the end and Dox learns just how much she despises religion. Dox's kill count increases to twenty-five.

    3281 - Dox is hired to eliminate a communist autocrat by the name of Dietrich Henninger. This is her first - and last, to date - assassination job. Henninger is eliminated efficiently and Dox learns that she is a fairly effective sniper and stealth operative when she is equipped for it. Dox keeps the rifle and gets away clean. Henninger's communist state collapses rapidly and violently, while Dox walks away with a relatively massive profit for her. Dox eats well for a short period, and her kill count increases to twenty-six.

    3282 - Dox flies around the universe aimlessly for some time, taking odd jobs here and there to survive. She slowly realizes the inadequacy of her lifestyle, but has no power to fix it at this point.

    3283 - Dox is hired to cleanse a scrap ship of ravenous insects alongside several other mercenaries. Dox is the only survivor, and the job is completed, with Dox leveraging to have not only her own payment but that of the other mercenaries, due to the other mercenaries' early deaths. Dox's sapient kill count increases to twenty-eight.

    3283 - Dox arrives in the Fringe and visits the colony of Renaize. On her first visit, she is uninterested - however, on her second visit, a Hylotl-Vampyr by the name of Rehihuko Rhueberint offers to transform her into a Vampyr. Dox accepts, and becomes Dox Rhueberint. On Renaize, Dox meets a number of people and befriends them, along with a number of people in Haven space.

    Parents: Dead.
    Siblings: None.
    Any enemies (and why): Lane, for firing on or threatening a number of her friends. Elana, for attempting to politically sunder Renaize. Abdul, for (she believes) planning to kidnap Ki'a and condemning herself, Rehi and Gossa as monsters.
    Children: None.
    Friends: Khiknos, Enoch, Pixel, Eli, Mir, Cedric.
    Best friend(s): Ki'a, Rehi, Gossa.
    Love interest (if there is one): None

    Peaceful or violent: Dox does not jump to violence, but when turned to violence does not back down. The only exception to this is if someone is threatening one of the people she cares for most - in those cases, she is much more likely to jump to violence than if she is personally being threatened.
    Weapon (if applicable): Dox ordinarily carries her favorite .45 handgun, but owns several other firearms, including her favorite - a flamethrower.
    Style of fighting: Dox places her shots carefully - but this slows her reaction time. Dox is also relatively resilient with her armor on, and significantly more lethal in melee due to her recent acquisition of a redsteel sword. However, she still lacks experience in melee.

    Occupation: High Commander of Renaize Homefront.
    Current home: Gossa City, Renaize
    Favorite types of food: Anything consistent that can be made on a small budget (tacos, mac 'n cheese, etc). Usually human foods.
    Favorite types of drink: Hot chocolate, cola.
    Hobbies/past times: Dox has taken to playing a set of old videogames gifted to her by Mir.
    Guilty pleasures: Dox has developed a taste for sapient, due to spending time around Vampyr. This taste is no longer contingent on cloned or ethically-produced sapient meat.
    Pet peeves: Irrational people. People being angry at her without actually telling her what she did wrong.
    Pets: Coco, her pocket drake.
    Talents: Dox has a good sense of rhythm, and a decent singing voice if pressed.
    Favorite colors: Gold and crimson, especially together.
    Favorite type of music: Industrial.
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