Do Your Characters Believe In Free Will?

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    And how do they feel about their stance on free will, one way or another?

    For me,

    Xexanoth - Yes, and it causes her to feel a great deal of anxiety.
    Oscar - No, and it causes him to feel occasional anxiety.
    Charles - Doesn't care. Will pretend to believe one way or another to fuck with people
    Cranberry - No, and it might be right.
    Thiago - Yes, and it brings him joy.
    Abdul - Yes, and it brings him sadness.
    Azyriah - Doesn't think about it. Her belief would change depending on who she's talking to, but only because she doesn't hold an opinion strongly.
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    elijah - a lot of his beliefs are rather neutral but for good, whether to help others, his friends or himself.
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    Eri - Yes, and thinks it's only natural everyone should think and be free.
    Midulo - Yes, but believes everyone shackles themselves under what others think is free will.
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    Jiyu - Yes, they earned it.
    EPCM - His will is not his own.
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    Dave- Smart people have it, dumb people don’t. Will pretend to believe whatever he needs to to fuck with other people the most.
    CIRCLEEYE- Pretends they think the question is stupid. Deep down, maybe, but only in some people, and it’s a bad thing.
    Kera’tiv- Confused by the question, likely to dismiss it altogether. “What- Happens, Happens.”
    Angus- “No! That would be terrible.”
    PAXY- No, and it’s a good thing.
    GREENSTAR- Largely no, and it’s a good thing. It also means that society is to blame for most decisions made by an individual, including bad decisions.
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    Let's see I'll try and do this alphabetically:

    Adela - Yes, in virtue of wishing to sleep at night. She however also believes free will can be and has been robbed of many. The fear that her own agency may be taken away by some malevolent force adds to the anxiety she feels.
    Charlie - Yes, but not everyone has it. She certainly didn't have a 'free will' for an extended period of her life, in her eyes. She feels relieved to have her own, and confident that she will retain it.
    Esas - No. They were created as a murder machine, turned visitant, and now carry on their original purpose as a murderous mercenary. A cog in the cosmological machine.
    Gary - Yes. And anyone with the right precautions and grit and enforce their free will onto others who refuse to exercise their own. It's how he views some tyrants, or otherwise charismatic leaders. Those who do not take precautions or simply take life as it comes, have handed it away.
    Noi - Yes. It is something to be earned, not a privilege.
    Zarta - Yes. And she'll cause a scene to make the point.