// Dare to Delve again? \\

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    // User KANE makes a post. It's made on the shadier side of the Net, but not that hard to find in the least. \\

    Greetings, all. A few months ago, I requested aid in a delve through the Crypt, and again, I ask it now. I intend on making my move on the Firepit, and officially staking my claim in Tartarus. This action is taken in the benefit of my Embered Allegiance, and wresting control from the Robot Devil and finally putting his madness to an end.

    This probable war of mine will likely be a difficult one, and one I dare not do alone. If you seek fortune or glory, heed my call and help me in this endeavor. It is preferable that friends to my cause join me, but, I will not deny any sort of hand, and I will be in your debt.

    I intend to enter the Crypt within the coming week, so prepare, and be ready.

    // Thereafter the post is a form that most other Undercrypt delves have been seen used before. \\

    // OOC Info //
    As usual, if not without a slight addendum, the form is as follows:

    Name (IC and OOC):
    (( OOC: Do you consent to death? )):

    Aside from that, I would like to put a few things up front. This is just what I would call part one of a four to five part campaign I've been brewing up for a while. This initial session will be no more than maybe five sessions total, each within a pretty close frequency of one another.

    This campaign is meant to be a narratively driven one, so, physical loot will not be a focus. Your character may still look for things to collect or sell, and things might be found or given, but just note that's not what will be important. What's more, this will be a narrative campaign, so dice rolls for combat or some situations will not be necessary, but, if folks would like to do so at 'session 0/1', then by all means we will do that.

    Lastly, once 'part one' is over, the other parts will be planned and possibly another forum post will be made. That being said, you are not obligated to participate in all portions of the plot. You may drop out at any point so long as it isn't in the middle of a session or part and it'll be fine. This is so that different people can join in every time, if they so choose.

    We will hopefully start on the 28th, as to not interfere too heavily with Thanksgiving.

    The limit on this campaign is FIVE, excluding myself which makes six.
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    Name: Sister Siilvae Dicamiian / Diana '19923' Cilvay
    Experience: Adventuring, Prospecting, Chemistry, Alchemy, Qarin, Studying Mind-Over-Matter, was on the last expedition.
    Affiliations: Self-Serving.

    (( Discord )): ThatCabbage
    (( Do you consent to death upon joining this campaign? )): Sure!
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    (I don't want priority, only accept if theres not enough other people <3)
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    Name (IC and OOC): Korba Valis'Maeor (Captain_Crow#4877)
    Experience: Sharpshooting, animal hunting, survival, knife-fighting, was on the first undercrypt journey
    Affiliations: Independent
    (( OOC: Do you consent to death? )): yee
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    Name (IC and OOC:) Grey (wango#7831)
    Experience: Broad experience with various types of weaponry, adventuring, small arms, prospecting, information gathering.
    Affiliations: Diana.
    (OOC: Do you consent to death?): fuck me up
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    Name (IC and OOC): Reggie Crash (Roren)
    Experience: one time i hit a dude so hard he got brain damage but i dont think im all that strong this sounds like a good time though
    Affiliations: The Reggie Crashers
    (( OOC: Do you consent to death? )): I'll consent to extreme maiming and near-death but probably not death itself
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    Name (IC and OOC) Frosthand (Caucasian Asian ofc)
    Experience: Born and raised into the knightly way. Leadership, field medicine, vast skills in various melee wapons, strategy.
    Affiliations: Falahal.
    (OOC: Do you consent to death?): yes :)
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    Name (IC and OOC): Gillette Dupont (Teldrassalami)
    Experience: Grew up in the Fringe, and all that entails combat-wise. Owner of Guérir.
    Affiliations: Guérir
    (( OOC: Do you consent to death? )): Murder time

    (Tentative, just setting stuff up. Will come back with a solid answer some time soon.)
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    Name (IC and OOC): Ashe Ardun'Thur (Z3R0 #7764)
    Experience: Seasoned mercenary, proficient with flamethrowers and ranged weaponry, decent survival skills.
    Affiliations: N/A
    ((OOC: Do you consent to death?)): Yee
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    Name (IC and OOC): Kaolin (its skid)
    Experience: Decades spent studying the High Sorcery and the Sciences. Expert on the topic of phase matter.
    Affiliations: Embered Allegiance
    (( OOC: Do you consent to death? )): yeah
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    Name (IC and OOC): Alfarious (scarpelt)
    Experience: Previous Expedition attendance
    Affiliations: Embered Alliegence, Azure Court knightage
    (( OOC: Do you consent to death? )): Yeap
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    Name (IC and OOC): "Aella Nenae" (PadLock#4242)
    Experience: "Born and raised Purgatorian citizen and Undercrypt resident: Basic first aid, Basic Self Defense Martial arts, you know the drill. I've been down there a fair share of times."
    Affiliations: "Nur'Turax (that city down in Boreas bro), UMPC, UMPC Armored Corps, yadda."
    (( OOC: Do you consent to death? )): As long as it isn't 'boulders fall' (yes)
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    Name: "Flareglow Blankscreen" (Clear!#4854 on discord.)
    Experience: Fringegoer and survivor of the time here so far, so I'd figure that I have combat skills and some medical skills alongside my engineering and mantinence... Also pretty good with a wrench, if you could call that experience.
    Affiliations: Diana
    (OOC: DO YOU CONSENT TO DEATH?): Yes. Fuck me up.