Genetic Concussive Lining

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    Name: Concussive Lining

    Description: The interior of the user is lined with a thin pale gel membrane which reduces the damage from concussive and blunt force trauma. Common regions of application are the entire bone system, inner lining of the epidermis, and any number of organs.


    -Reduce broken bones and organ damage from falls, car crashes, and directed weapons like baseball bats

    -Don’t literally get a concussion from a concussion gun

    Conditional Abilities (Optional):

    -Can be paired with other augments to go very fast in unusual ways without breaking all of your bones and organs

    -Can go in robots and synths, but better alternatives exist for them (such as normal ballistic gel)


    -Trauma that breaches the lining will cause a pale goop to seep out along with blood (or sap, or other internal fluids). It isn't toxic at all, and tastes like a mixture of syrup and the smell of chlorine. Consistency of syrup. No nutritional value.

    -Concussion gun headshots are still a knock-out, as is any other strong blow to the head

    -Does nothing to numb the pain of the concussive source. Better take some painkillers before you fall off a building

    Conditional Limitations (Optional):

    -Repeated trauma will still damage the organs and bones. Being hit with a baseball bat will likely break the skin, so the goop will leak out

    -Look very strange on a medical ENDI scanner, and possibly on non-medical ENDI scanners

    How does it work:

    The concussive lining gel is installed via surgery and coats internals in a very similar way to the ballistic gels used in reducing the concussive impact in body armor. Inside the body, using a body-safe synthetic compound, it spreads the force of an impact across the fluid and disperses most of it before it can cause serious damage. However, this does little to numb the pain response!

    Flavor text:

    In another stunning move from Chemical Core, the latest in a range of bio-modding implants has hit the market! Concussive lining is a supportive augment meant to fit in with others. Tired of getting a concussion from your OBS? Want to hit top speed with EMRGE without breaking your legs? Do you just enjoy falling down stairs? Then concussive lining is for you!

    Referenced Technologies (Optional): EMRGE (only in flavortext)

    Attainability: Semi-closed (only sold by Chemical Core)

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    bone PROTECTING juice! First pass
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    Second pass.