Cloning Guidelines and Character Death

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    In GC, player death is handled with allowing people to have more chances after they die, so that they may continue roleplaying with their character, as we recognize that players may wish to continue roleplaying with a character and keep building their story despite their untimely death. This is an OOC phenomenon that we allow people to play their characters after they die, though we explain this ICly using the common sci-fi institution of cloning. Cloning is a broad term, usually meaning implanting the mind of a dead person into a fresh, "blank slate" of a body, though this is not always the case; sometimes it is reviving a freshly dead body, rebuilding an android, shocking a Novakid brand with an energy catalyst, and much more. For our guidelines, cloning is anything that would bring your character back to life.

    To read about cloning and how it pertains to GC's lore, read the Medical Technologies Codex.

    Cloning Guidelines
    1. After you die, a cloning will take 3 OOC days to process before you may play your character again, so long as the cloning application is passed. This does not mean it will take 3 OOC days after your application is passed.
    2. Side effects regarding cloning are expected to be roleplayed properly, with increasing severity based on the clone number. The most important side effect of cloning is memory loss. In addition with not retaining any memory since your last brainscan up to when you died, cloning can and will cause some memory loss in terms of minor, specific details such as skills or other things learned such as muscle memories. Your cloning app grader will determine which it is, whether it be something like forgetting a password or getting rusty in playing an instrument, to something as major as forgetting how to aim with a gun
      • Cloning side effects may stack upon each clone; for example, memory loss from someone's first cloning will still retain to the second cloning.
    3. A mutation is a physical defect of your character, determined by the grader depending on the clone number and your character's race.
    4. Suicide will result in your application being looked at with much more scrutiny, particularly the situation that surrounded the death, to prevent the use of a suicide to easily escape a situation's consequences.
    5. Your cloning app may be failed based on your IC actions; characters who are especially aggressive and wishing to kill other characters may be permakilled. The soft limit of cloning in which staff will be more lenient is 5. The absolute maximum of clones you may have is 7.
    Cloning Side Effects

    Clone NumberSide Effect
    1stMinor Memory Loss x2
    2ndMinor Memory Loss x2
    3rdMajor Memory Loss + Minor Mutation
    4thMinor Memory Loss x3 + Minor Mutation
    5thMajor Memory Loss + Major Mutation
    6thMinor Memory Loss x3 + Extreme Mutation
    7thExtreme Memory Loss + Extreme Mutation
    Cloning Application Template

    Sometime after your character dies, simply fill out this template and post a topic in this subforum of the character's name as the subject and what cloning number it is.

    Cloning Grading Process

    Cloning apps are the simplest of apps to grade and will likely be graded the very day you post them, unless other things pertaining to the death must be investigated. A grader will look at your application and first judge if it should be passed or failed, and then will determine any memory losses or mutations that your character will get as a side effect. The grader will consider the conditions of the death to see if they are just, the number of clones to determine if they are still under their limit, witnesses to the death through member vouches, and sometimes even the OOC attitude of the player such as if they have been involved in player reports, or if their character has killed other players too many times (typically, you will be warned prior to this on your last cloning app).[/tr1]
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