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    General Information

    First name: Caine

    Middle name(s): N/A

    Surname: Bender

    Age: 27

    Date of birth: 3261 (No Exact Date)

    Race: Engineered Metanoid

    Gender: Male

    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Current residence: Personal Junkship

    Relationship status: Single

    Social status: Decently Liked

    Financial standing: Lower Class

    Traits of Voice

    Accent (if any): Novakid (Very Light)

    Language spoken: Common

    Other languages known: None

    Style of speaking: Informal

    Volume of voice: Louder than average

    Physical Appearance

    Height: 6’8”

    Weight: 365 pounds

    Eye color: Orange

    Scale color: Pale White

    Shape of face: Caine has little more than a ridge with two nostrils for a nose, and lacks external ears. His facial bones hug the edges of his hide.

    Distinguishing features: Caine has four arms, albino hide, lacks a tail, and has piercing orange eyes. His four arms make him a great swimmer, and he has three eyelids, one external and two that touch his eyeball.

    Build of body: Muscular

    Hair color: N/A

    Hairstyle: N/A

    Complexion: Sickly

    Posture: Poor but not hunched.

    Tattoos: N/A

    Piercings: N/A

    Typical clothing: Novakid “Outlaw” attire. Custom made. Never wears a shirt.

    Is seen by others as: Rude


    Likes: Attention

    Dislikes: Formality, “Weak” people

    Education: No formal education.

    Fears: Being seen as weak.

    Personal goals: Fame, fortune. The regular.

    General attitude: Sarcastic, short-tempered, self absorbed

    Religious values: None

    General intelligence: Average

    General sociability: Sociable


    Illnesses (if any): None

    Allergies (if any): None

    Sleeping habits: Sleeps as often as he can.

    Energy level: Energetic when need be.

    Eating habits: Five Average sized meals a day.

    Memory: Average

    Any unhealthy habits: Nicotine addiction. Alcoholism. Anger issues.


    A summary of background information for the character.

    Caine was the creation of a scientist whose goal was to create a hybrid between the American Crocodile, and a human. This ‘pet project’ failed miserably. An amalgamation of albinism and the addition of a second pair of arms was the creation of the scientist. The scientist, ashamed of his creation but unable to force himself to kill the sentient creature, put the child on a smuggler ship. He instructed the smuggler to give the child to a rural town where it could not easily be found. The smuggler gave the child to a rural Novakid town, which raised him as one of their own. He later purchased a junkship and left his planet to start his own life.

    Belle: Fuck you. Stuck up asshole who thinks it's okay to compare my dead dad's heirlooms to her fucking haircut. Take a smoke while you're at it, fucking skank.

    Creak: You're cool. Nice to see a guy who hunts, and you are way better than me at it. Major props.

    Oxy: You have got to be the densest Novakid I've ever met, and you all are made of gas. You're cool though.


    Parents: None

    Siblings: None

    Any enemies (and why): None

    Children: None

    Friends: Novakids from Home.

    Best friend(s): None

    Love interest (if there is one): None


    Peaceful or violent:
    Short temper, and will fly off the handle. Tends to lash out at objects, rather than assaulting people. However, will fight if he feels challenged.

    Weapon (if applicable): Four sawed-off double-barrel shotguns. 12 Gauge. Teeth, with a bite force of 1050 Psi. 1.5 inch long claws. His hide, while thick, is relatively penetrable by a well-made dagger. Scissors and less quality knives are unlikely to harm Caine. He owns a modified M60 Light Machinegun.

    Style of fighting: Dirty, will fight to win.


    Occupation: Mercenary and day worker.

    Current home: Junkship

    Favorite types of food: Raw meat

    Favorite types of drink: Alcohol

    Hobbies/past times: Hunting, fishing, swimming.

    Guilty pleasures: Cigarettes, alcohol, and picking on people.

    Pet peeves: Speech impediments, nerds, people that are fancy.

    Pets: None

    Talents: Guitar, swimming, can swallow many foodstuffs whole. Has FOUR FUCKING ARMS!

    Favorite colors: Orange

    Favorite type of music: Metal, Folk
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