Robotics Berserker Wiring

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    Name: Berserker Wiring

    AKA: ‘Revenant’, ‘Keep Killing’, The Worst Goddamn Thing I’ve Ever Seen Happen to A Man, ‘Highlander’

    Description: Berserker wiring is a cybernetic implant that is not visible externally, but shows up on any depth scan. It consists of a spinal reinforcement with a small ‘core’ near the tailbone. The electric components and core are covered with a thin layer of cerulium, protecting it and its functions from EMP interference.


    -Allows a dead body to continue to fight for up to a minute (10 turns)

    Conditional Abilities (Optional):

    -Prevents brain-scanning post-mortem

    -If the spine is broken BEFORE the implant activates, does not kill the user


    -Only activates when the user is dead or sufficiently dying

    -Does not target unconscious targets (or those playing dead)

    -Must be specially developed for extremely alien biologies (ie, shifters, remnants)

    -Can survive electric shocks, but will still seize up like most people do when tazed or electrified

    -Simple combat AI, which doesn't take cover and will often advance straight at targets

    -Particularly bad with follow-up shots with firearms. Shots will be low-accuracy and there is generally poor recoil control. Most often, the firearm will be used to suppress while the gap is closed to the point where accuracy doesn't matter or other weapons can be employed

    Conditional Limitations (Optional):

    -Fries the user’s brainstem when activated, ensuring that they are actually dead

    -Very often, a user will be unable to receive the cybernetic due to rejection risk

    -If the spine is broken, the implant loses nervous connection, leading to a defeat

    -If the heart is shot, the implant ceases to function, as it also supercharges the heart while active and relies on the heart to function

    How does it work:

    Berserker wiring is a cybernetic device which hijacks the user’s nervous system after they receive critical damage. At that point, a combat AI seizes control of their remaining bodily functions and uses their body to attempt to kill everything else within sensory range. It relies on remaining senses, which are also hijacked, to find targets to kill. Due to a lack of precision, it is unable to aim guns, but is still fully capable of firing them with low accuracy. All melee attacks are made with full strength that may rip muscles due to a lack of fine control.

    The user will be slack-jawed and have zombie-like motions as it moves, given that the AI is not wasting precious power on those functions. Their jaw still works and can still bite, but will hang like this until needed. It has some short-term memory which is used to gain awareness as it rips such information from the mind of the user, frying them in the process. This tells it what equipment it has to work with as it completes basic tactics. It does not take cover, but will use guns to suppress fire while closing the gap to shoot with high accuracy or apply melee weapons. It will use impromptu weapons, but barring those it will attempt to use its hands to kill targets. Also stored in the memory are common weak-points for main-line species, telling it to do things like ‘snap necks’ and ‘stab kidneys.’

    That doesn’t tend to matter, because the cybernetic ALWAYS fries neural pathways when seizing control, ensuring the user is quite dead and beyond recovery. It will continue to fight for up to a minute, at which point it loses power, or until the body is physically no longer capable of fighting (such as by being reduced to a puddle).

    Additionally, breaking the spinal column or destroying the core will disable the device, potentially even before it is activated. If this occurs, the user will not die from the cybernetic- only the risk of dying from their associated injuries. The implant also super-charges the heart, forcing it to work overtime while active, as well as constricting veins as much as possible when blood loss is serious. This helps prevent the user from ceasing due to blood-loss until after the implant is finished.

    Flavor text:

    “Are we sure this is worth it? Are we going too far?”

    “It’s the job. If you don’t have the stomach, get the fuck out of the kitchen.”

    -Head of Development, █████ ██████

    Martin had lived a good life. As the last glimmers of light drained from his eyes, he laughed, because he knew he was about to find victory in death.

    He had no way of expecting the torture of having his mind torn apart while his body became a final weapon.

    Berserker wiring was originally developed with the intention of being a combat aid for soldiers. However, in early tests, it led to too many blue-on-blue incidents and was subsequently scrapped.

    As with so many other such projects, the developers stole it and moved to the Fringe, finding work with corporations. In this specific case, the project head found himself at Synapse Automation Solutions, a robotics company with loose morals and a willingness to fund further development of the project for wider sale.

    Referenced Technologies (Optional):

    Attainability: Semi-closed

    ICly, this technology is only installed on individuals who do not have high risk of cybernetic rejection by the designer, who works for Synapse Automation Solutions. OOCly, the combat implications of this deserve some degree of control. There is intention of restricting to players who are not expected to abuse or use it poorly in CRP, and so staff will be consulted when one attempts to set up the surgery.

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    Category: Robotics

    Update 10/13/2021: Now allowing weird anatomies with additional roleplay. They still require death for activation, but might work slightly differently. For instance, a shifter who manages to get Wiring and have it activate will have their body uncontrollably shapeshifter during the rampage. Other limitations still apply.
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