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    girl, you're gonna feel a little prick.

    Boyz-12, B-12

    Description: The Boyz-12 (B-12 for short) is a biological preparation that provides active acquired immunity to the particular infectious or malignant disease known in many different forms, manifesting differently depending on host specimen's race: usually referred to as the Common Cold.

    This miracle vaccine provides a complete, but time-limited immunity to a large group of similar viral diseases. Most notable examples include: acute viral nasopharyngitis, nasopharyngitis, viral rhinitis, rhinopharyngitis, acute coryza, head cold, upper respiratory tract infection. This immunity is granted if the vaccine is injected into a suitable (tested only on core races) host body once every 6 months.

    Conditional Abilities (Optional):
    Pretty Crier-
    Reduces the amount of 'sniffles' a specimen produces during the 6 month active period. User must possess a nose capable of producing mucus.

    Not applicable for Glitch or Novakid. Their common colds are way different.
    Launch Version- Not tested on non-core races. May produce various side effects for non-core races- complications regarding these side effects may result in severe injury or death, if these side effects are ignored, and an antidote is not taken. The 'lifespan' of the preparation is ~180 days.

    How does it work: The preparation itself is far from an actual vaccine- it does not stimulate the host body's immune system at all. Instead, it consists of a twelve cellular parasites suspended in a muscle-numbing solution. Once injected, these parasites are non-invasive, and cloaked from the tested (core races) host bodies' immune system; although they do not need to feed in any way to thrive in their usual environment, they are biologically programmed to seek out any and all of the known ~893 virus strains which are known to cause the symptoms of the common cold, destroy them, and recognize further and destroy any of the microorganisms associated with that agent that they may encounter in the future.

    Flavor text: Designed by a freelance 'lab-studio' as the cure-all for the lowliest of diseases, the B-12 vaccine was initially prototyped in secret, to allow its creator to engage in carnal activities inside colder environments. As this project was picked up by the lab-studio in question, the development of this temporary cure was greatly sped up, resulting in the initial first fully-functional version being released to the public three months after the aforementioned project buyout. An anonymous scientist associated with the alias "Xyncre" is credited for the original prototype of the twelve parasites, before a larger group lab began working on further developing the vaccine.


    Attainability: Semi-Closed. Limited supply, its creation process has yet to be industrialized and properly automated. Willing buyers are to contact the 'CHANETORIUM' company directly for samples. The lab-studio is also looking for potential partners/sponsors in order to make it a publically-available drug.

    Tags: [Civilian] [Genetic]

    Category: Medical
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    bioengineered extension of the immune system pass
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    third pass. fourth pass. fifth pass. sixth pass.