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    //The first time you load up the website a cheerful announcer introduces avoson®.//
    "Welcome to avoson®! We have begun to introduce our services to the... [FRINGE] and are glad you have come to our site for your needs. Avoson® is a proud provider of a variety of goods and services to the great people throughout the galaxy. Just use the search bar above to find whatever you may be looking for and we'll be sure to help you, and if you're interested in some of our exclusive offers and products you can sign up for avoson+® for only 3 pixels* a month!"

    Search Results (reply for more results):

    Chezze Thingz - 9 pixels
    Microwave Macaroni (8 pack) - 5 pixels
    Nut Bags (12 pack) - 4 pixels

    400,000 more results...

    Avoson Rewind® - 95 pixels
    X-Brand Gaming Console - 224 pixels
    Powersoft Pro Laptop - 1000 pixels

    500,000 more results...

    Avoson select men's jeans® - 14 pxiels
    Women's classic styled jacket - 30 pixels
    Men's classic styled jacket - 10 pixels

    100,000 more results

    //A wide variety of exclusive shows and movies to a varying degree of quality are available for free to all avoson+® members.//
    //Less than 12 hour delivery nearly guaranteed for all avoson+® users.//

    //Pictured above is a standard avoson flying unit®.//

    "For our avoson+® members we provide our finest drones in which we use to make deliveries to you! Personal units are intended for helping around with things in the home such as cleaning, cooking and more. Industrial units are designed to perform a variety of tasks which can be specified in the purchase. For a more customized personal unit we offer a special offer in which you may design or specify a wide variety of skills for your drone."
    Personal Avoson Ground Unit® - 100,000 pixels
    Personal Avoson Flying Unit® - 250,000 pixels
    10 Industrial Use Avoson Ground Units® - 750,000 pixels
    20 Industrial Use Avoson Flying Units® - 3,500,000 pixels
    Personally Customized Avoson Unit® - 1,000,000 pixels

    Contact Us:
    //Below is a section to send questions about avoson® products and inquires for job opportunities.//

    *actual value of membership 3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399375105820974944592307816406286 pixels
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