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    Name: Neuracluster Intelligence

    Description: Usually, a Neuracluster setup isn't... visible. It's a brain, if you pull it out of the thing it's mounted in it looks like a lump of neural tissue.

    -Very, very fast - faster than normal computers, because it's a brain.
    -Similar in use-cases to weak AI.

    Conditional Abilities (Optional):
    -Can't be EMP'd.

    -Not as straightforward as an actual weak AI. It can think, it can develop emotions - emergent intelligences are unusually common among Neuracluster systems as a result. Fickle.

    How does it work: Neuracluster systems are essentially brains - specialized, modified brains that function as Arcoszard computers. Ordinarily, they're hooked up to a call-response device for what amount to voice commands - however, they can be adapted to take verbal commands.

    Flavor text: The Neuracluster system was invented as a method to control Arcoszard constructs - it is used in everything from personal "computer" systems to simple door controls. In spite of its fickle nature as an organic brain, it functions well enough to be used regularly to the Arcoszard.

    Referenced Technologies (Optional): (If your application is piggybacking on the use of another one as a component of it or as a use of the original app, list said applications here)

    Attainability: Open

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