//ANN: Luxuary Synthetic Manufacturer Lotus Signs Olympus Deal

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    [Province] : Olympus

    [Announcement] : Luxury Synthetic Manufacturer Lotus Signs Olympus Deal

    Following weeks of negotiations, '[Lotus]' has purchased a large commercial building in downtown Olympus to serve as their operational headquarters in the region. Among the public details of the agreement is an Empire-backed guarantee to a 'right to repair' for any and all models produced by the company.

    Lotus formed after a merged of several companies, and espouses having solved the 'world of glass' issue common in other consciousness-transferred synthetics. While the price range of their goods and services are significantly out of the range of most Olympians, the luxury goods are believed to 'offer more appealing incentives' for highly educated workers to move to or remain on Olympus.

    The [Liberal Atlas Initiative] has praised the move, stating "the introduction of large corporations and other free-market aspects only serves to make our society more free and equitable."

    The [Altesian People's Front], on the other hand, are "nervous" about the introduction of such a large company which "provides nothing within the reach of the average person," and further expressed concern about the implications of the growth of capital interests in what is a primarily planned economy.

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