//ANN: Indostea Siege Update; Governors and Knife’s Edge

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    [Announcement] : Indostea Siege Update; Governors and Knife’s Edge

    As the situation develops around the Indostean Embassy, the efforts to negotiate a peaceful resolution have extended to the Atlas-protected DMZ, Hrin, and the RPUI. In efforts to curtail further violence, Atlas is in the process of negotiating with the RPUI to find a peaceable release of political prisoners, along with a full release from Atlas held camps. In a ‘show of good faith’, Hrin-nationals have been unilaterally released to their home country.

    “We’re in the process of negotiating the release of political prisoners from the RPUI with full pardon, and are prepared to sign a release on all RPUI-national prisoners, as well as locals to the DMZ. In the lead up, we’ve seen fit to release all Hrin-national prisoners even before the negotiations are finished. We can only urge patience, and that the President help us find a peaceful end in these trying times. Now is not the time for partisanship to cause the deaths of innocents,” says Interim-Director Acontium in a statement from Indostea, where these negotiations are currently underway.

    As the scene around the embassy approaches the end of the first 24 hours, nervous families look towards both Atlas and the RPUI to find an end without tragedy.

    [Governors and Knife’s Edge]

    Following the Imperial Decree granting independence to the People’s Republic of Knife’s Edge, the various governors from Olympus have sought audiences with the Emperor. It is rumored that they all seek to check their own positions following the break-away of their peninsular sister region. The Emperor’s steady hand is expected to guide them, and the Empire, through this time of uncertainty.

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