//ANN: ADF Restores Order to Knife's Edge

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    [Province] : Olympus
    [Announcement] : Knife's Edge Tastes Blood

    After the [ADF] landed in the city of Knife's Edge, the fighting seems to have ended as swiftly as it started. Over 800 people are believed dead, though it is not yet clear how many are combatants and how many were caught in the crossfire.

    Initial reports indicate that the political party known as the [Altesian People's Front], who have a feudal contract for governance in [Hadrian], lead a violent revolt to replace [Mayor Gimbal], and [Gimbal's Riders].

    The [APF] in Hadrian commented that, "we have nothing to do with the actions of their Eastern chapter, and our hearts rest with the people of Knife's Edge."

    The mechanized forces previously reported have been identified as purchased from [Synapse Automation Solutions], a private robotics company.

    [DCD] and [IMD] personnel have arrived in the city to assist with reconstruction and humanitarian aid, led personally by Directors [Paya Itzicuitla] and [Rehan Rsousa].

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