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Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by Sergeant Screech, Nov 21, 2017.

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    Forum name: Sergeant Screech

    Age: 17

    Country/Timezone: USA, Central

    Why do you want to be Staff?: For quite a while, I've been in this community. About three years by now. I think it's time that I start helping everyone out. Help make an effort to make the server a better place with everyone. As I've seen people come and go, I've kinda felt on the sidelines on things happening on the server, and I think it's about time I step up and try to contribute to make things better.

    What skills can you bring to the staff team?: Writing, mostly. I enjoy writing quite a bit in my pastime, on worldbuilding, and I'm currently in the process of writing a draft for a book. Mostly practice, to get better. However, I am in leadership roles IRL, and I can handle myself in the position of a leader. As well, I'm willing to learn as I go the needs of the users and staff, and try to attend to them as best I can.

    What area(s) would you be most interested in helping assist with (if you have more than one preference, list in order of highest preference to lowest)?": Organization, Management, Enforcement

    Have you had prior experience moderating/staffing an online community?: No.

    As staff, it is crucial to be visible to the public; on the Forums, through the Discord, and on the Server. Though it is not mandatory to be on these three all the time, do you agree to be as active as possible through these means?: Certainly, yes.

    For better interaction with our users on the Galaxy Citizen Discord server and to take full part in any voice meetings we may have in the Staff Discord, it is recommended that you use a good microphone. Do you possess a microphone (If you do not have a microphone, it will NOT affect your chances for being on Staff)?: I do.

    Galaxy Citizen Character name: Nelox, Java, Erasi, to name some noteworthy few.

    What do you like about this community?: Mostly the presence of good roleplayers. I think GC has great characters as well. I've been hard pressed to find anything of much quality outside GC in my opinion (no real offense to other servers), and I wish to help this community that I like. GC has had many interesting narratives and events as well, and I wish only for those to continue.
  2. Hastur

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    You haven't really pitched forward or done anything major in the community, and you've also had some bias towards certain members in the past.
  3. Capslock

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    I think you'd fit the job as a staff member, but like Hastur said you haven't done anything major.
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    Hasn't done anything "major", but has the ability to moderate and be in a leadership position, and has been a contributing member of the community, if only a small bit.