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    General Information

    Nickname: Tînu
    Serialnumber: AEU-M9A
    Middle name(s): None
    Surname: None
    Age: Unknown, though judging from its state not older than one year.
    Date of birth: Sometime not earlier than one year ago.
    Race: None (Droid)
    Gender: None
    Sexuality: None
    Current residence: It's own support ship.
    Relationship status: None
    Social status: Unknown
    Financial standing: Enough

    Traits of Voice

    Accent (if any): None
    Language spoken:
    Other languages known:
    Style of speaking: Normal
    Volume of voice: 30-40 db

    Physical Appearance

    Height: 30 centimetres/11 inches (without its wings) 65 centimetres/ 26 inches (with wings)
    Weight: 18 kilograms/40 pounds
    Eye color: Orange
    Skin color: Dark Sterling Silver
    Shape of face: Round
    Distinguishing features: Itself
    Build of body: Round, equipped with four wings, two on each side, one facing upwards, one downwards each.
    Hair color: None
    Hair style: None
    Complexion: None
    Posture: Upright, hovering
    Tattoos: None
    Piercings: None
    Typical clothing: None
    Is seen by others as: A friendly, small droid who is very curious and open to people, as long as these people are nice to him.


    Likes: It doesn't really know that yet.
    Dislikes: It doesn't really know that yet.
    Education: None, though it has a high learning capacity.
    Fears: Any hazards that could potentially endanger its existence.
    Personal goals: It doesn't really has those yet.
    General attitude: Very curious and nice, though also cautious and weary of people who don't seem to nice.
    Religious values: None.
    General intelligence: Unknown, AEU-M9A's limits are not known.
    General sociability: Open to others, nice, again, very curious.


    Illnesses (if any): None
    Allergies (if any): None
    Sleeping habits: Has to recharge at its support ship every 48 hours.
    Energy level: Very high
    Eating habits: None
    Memory: Extremely high
    Any unhealthy habits: Tends to fly a bit too fast.



    Parents: An engineer from a far away world.
    Siblings: Other Exploration Units.
    Any enemies (and why): None
    Children: None
    Friends: Currently none
    Best friend(s): Currently none
    Love interest (if there is one): Currently none


    Peaceful or violent: Peaceful
    Weapon (if applicable): A small arm hidden inside its body, usually used to interact with electronics, which it can use to give people slight shocks and disabled one of their electronics.
    Style of fighting: Trys to shock its opponent. If nothing else helps, it trys to run and eventually beam away to its support ship.


    Occupation: None
    Current home: It's own support ship.
    Favorite types of food: None
    Favorite types of drink: None
    Hobbies/past times: Currently none
    Guilty pleasures: None
    Pet peeves: None
    Pets: None
    Talents: Unknown.
    Favorite colors: Currently none
    Favorite type of music: Currently none
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