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    The Doomlords
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    Chief beings of Glitch folklore, legends, and even some kingdoms, Doomlords are known far and wide through the species. Born of war,strife and the need for change, they are walking coats of arms as much as they are monsters of their people. There is a black mark upon their name, one that most use to their benefit, ruling the lands they conquered through fear and might. A great many lie within the fault of their species, stuck in a loop in ‘time’, never leaving the era of the Medieval. Despite this fault in their species, Doomlords are impressive in build, size, and intelligence, some being the leaders of Hiveminds, others being thralls of those shackles but being a league above their kin all the same. Almost all speak an obscure dialect of Glitch, dubbed simply as ‘Elder Speak’. This tongue is a combination of mechanical tunes and proper words, and is used rarely outside of greeting another of their status, or to converse with the most ancient of Glitch who spoke it.
    Those who break the loop, become Enlightened, are the truly unique members of their subspecies. The means of they leave their worlds are known only to them, but the fact that they still, prior to their shackles being shed, wish to and have made their mark upon the galaxy remains. Some live as the sovereigns of their own personal courts, while others explore the cosmos they were so oblivious to. Others still rule and live alone, in the dark corners of space.

    Physical Description:
    Doomlords, though towering a full head if not more over their kin, follow the same basic rules of anatomy of Glitch. They sport massive spines, powering their hulking forms, powerful limbs and synthetic muscles, and impressive motherboards. Where they differ now is in how many motherboards they have, how many optics they have, any augments they may have, and their age.
    The multiple motherboards, dependent on the individual, stems from either conquest or practical purpose. In a Hivemind, a Doomlord who has three for example requires it to be a conduit of the Hivemind, to dictate the actions of others if not outright control them. This puts a strain on the original’s processing power and sanity, thus the other two helps alleviate the burden and take on the strain. Any who do not have more than one in this position, be it through negligence or faulty construction, more often than not go mad, losing themselves in the very power they possess. An example of a Doomlord outside this role, perhaps one who thirsts for knowledge, would have many motherboards and processors to boost their capacity to learn and retain this knowledge for their very long lifespans.
    The number of optics a Doomlord has is representative of how they might be in nature, and in general is a subject for debate for Glitch who possess more or less outside of the Doomlord sub-species. More optics, numbering six to eight commonly, is indicative of a martial, more physical presence, whereas fewer optics, numbering four to even none, is a sign of one who dabbles in the taboo, and modification of their being. Those who possess no optics at all make up for their lack of apparent sight with a crude, yet still practical, offshoot of ENDI scanning. How this came to be is unknown.
    Any innate augments a Doomlord might have is tied directly to Glitch ‘magic’ hand emitters. While fire and ice are extremely common, the more adventurous of practitioners and ‘mages’ have developed arc casters in sparse circumstances. Necromancy is a rare ability, but there are rare cases of a foul Doomlord practicing the heresy, and having a legion of ‘undead’ Glitch to follow them. These individuals who bear the darker powers are often secluded, and dubbed ‘liches’ by the superstitious.
    Age is another subject of debate to those who have studied the lore and biology of the Doomlords. Some individuals, in their boasts, have claimed to have lived for millennia, while others admit to have been living for only several decades, if not a century. In reality, all Doomlords live longer lives than those of their lesser kin through sometimes morbid, other times industrious means. When a Doomlord feels their mind slip, their form rust, their might fail, they will sometimes resort to the ‘cannibalization’ of their kin. This is done through taking a younger Glitch, assuredly healthy and ‘fit’ for their age, and dismantle them for parts. In times of war, it is assured to see a Doomlord scour the battlefield for motherboards, processors, and spare parts to extend their life. The taking of the dead is oftentimes seen as more ‘humane’, and while still resented for it, is more tolerable than the killing of the young.
    In more modern and recent times, Doomlords are modified heavily from what they once were. Modern parts, updated systems, even more efficient power sources for themselves are used, and due to this practice, some Glitch who dream of excellence force a drastic change upon themselves and try and become Doomlords themselves. Through whatever means they take, they follow the same general rules that their kin do in terms of biological functions, but their self-proclaimed title is another matter entirely.
    Reproduction is about the same for Doomlords as it would be for normal or Enlightened Glitch. Two would meet to create the Synthetic Intelligence and create the body for it, changing parts as the Intelligence grows, adapts, and learns, until it eventually becomes an individual all its own. Male and female Doomlords are absolutely known, however the moniker ‘Doomlady’ is not at all used.

    History and Known Individuals:
    The history of Doomlords goes about as far back as the written history of the Glitch. Who the very first Doomlord was is entirely up to debate, as many different clans, factions, and kingdoms all have their own takes on who theirs was. Born of war and strife, Doomlords were known for their legendary conquests, their tyrannical rules, savage might and cruel cunning. One individual who is known for many of these traits, despite not being a member of this subspecies is none other than Blackhelm, the Umbral King. Despite this, however, there are several who broke that mold and ruled with either a just hand, guided their people through industry and progressive ideals, or amplified their black mark through vicious wars.

    The Great Four: In the Fringe, there at one point existed four Doomlords of notable renown. They were Lady Bluechip, King Abraxas Kane, Imperator Aereus Coppum Tullius Romulus, and Lord Redbolt. Each was known for their endeavors of conquest, efforts for peace, industrial progression, or untimely deaths. The infighting between them all were, by some accounts, legendary, while others were little more than exaggerated arguments of philosophy. Each also ruled a ‘court’ of sorts, Abraxas Kane being an exception and falling under Lady Bluechip’s service for some time before coming out on his own.

    Redbolt, Master of the Conclave: Redbolt was known almost exclusively for his penchant for violence and his leadership of the Crimson Conclave. His conclave, while based in Tartarus of the Undercrypt, was known equally so for their raucous bouts of fighting, infighting, and sowing discord. His fights with Doomlords Bluechip, Abraxas Kane, and Aereus Romulus were seen as shows that none other should attend, lest the wished to draw the ire of all four. His death came from the hands of the followers of Aluminius, his Conclave destroyed, and the citadel they called the Firepit little more than a ruin.

    Lady Bluechip the Cold Heart, Queen of the Snowglobe: Lady Bluechip was, aside from Lady Rosethorn, the only notable female Doomlord to have made her mark in the Fringe. She was leader of the Azure Court, a band of Glitches and Organics who served the Lady and her vision, despite that vision being unknown to her subjects aside from the liberation of Hiveminded Glitch-folk. Her cold exterior and heart did little to stop the many suitors she received over the years, two notable ones being Abraxas Kane and Redbolt, their quarrels of winning her favor an amusing topic for many. Her whereabouts are wholly unknown, as is the mobile fortress she called home, the Snowglobe.

    Imperator Aereus Coppum Tullius Romulus, Conqueror of Roma: Imperator Aereus of Roma is known by many to have been a progressive Lord, and one beloved by his people despite his faults. Responsible for the impressive feat of going head-to-head Miniknog for some time and the subsequent glassing of his homeworld, Aereus conquered the world of Roma for his people, uniting them under one banner. He led the Magnum Imperium, a rather impressive faction of Glitch and Organics, until the city of New Roma collapsed into a magma lake below its foundations. Many were lost, and the aftermath drew Aereus to relinquish his titles, and head into seclusion.

    Lord Abraxas Kane, the Vengeful One: Abraxas Kane, or otherwise known simply as Kane, is currently the only active Doomlord who holds his titles still. He was the king of the Kingdom of Ash, a long gone nation of Glitch, whose homeworld shared the same name. Remnants of this kingdom are known as the Knights of Kinder, led by Ignir Flame-Wire in the depths of Tartarus. Doomlord Kane is known for his wrath and strength, his rage exceeding that of Redbolt’s on many occasions, and is responsible for the joint destruction of Dizma. Presently, he is actively working to redeem himself for prior sins, and serves the people instead now as a senator of the Haven Federation, amongst other endeavours.

    Lady Rosethorn, Queen of the Rosethorn Kingdom: Lady Rosethorn, a lesser known Doomlord, was the queen of the Rosethorn Kingdom, until the liberating assault of the Azure Court broke the shackles her and her people fell under. Her whereabouts are unknown.

    Pontiff Vult: A Doomlord who made a brief appearance in the Undercrypt and Fringe as a whole, Vult was known for his Crusaders and his surprisingly open demeanor, as compared to his rough, callous kin. His whereabouts are unknown.
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