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    The Apex - Kreosht
    Written by: @PrivateNomad
    Art by: @WowGain

    The planet of Ociapex is home to the galaxy’s greatest of minds, placed under the thumb of the manipulative Apex Ministry of Knowledge. The planet itself is very much similar to Earth, though just slightly larger in diameter (approximately 1.5x Earth's diameter) and instead holding two super-continents that divide its two saltwater oceans. It is covered in vast jungles and temperate forests due to its low tilt, causing it to have mild seasons throughout the year. Ociapex orbits a blue A-Type star of two solar masses called Kreosht.​

    The Kreosht System:

    The Kreosht System (Main Sequence Type O)
    • Ø Asteroid Belt [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    • Ø Jostova [​IMG]
    • Ø Irysha[​IMG]
      • Ø Etsha[​IMG] [​IMG]
    • IV Ociapex [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
      • Ø Oblysha[​IMG][​IMG]
      • I Myshapex[​IMG][​IMG]
    • Hyripex Majoris (Brown Dwarf) [​IMG]
      • II Lysova [​IMG][​IMG]
      • Ø Ixorchev [​IMG][​IMG]
      • Ø Prexya
      • 35x Captured Asteroid Moons [​IMG]
    The Kreosht System is dominated by a single bright, bluish-white star in the A spectral class. It is orbited by an asteroid and planetoid field composed of a high content of asteroids and planetoids with erchius or karonium composition, making it a very popular place for Apex mining industry. In fact, much of Civspace’s erchius is exported from Ociapex and other Apex mining colonies. The closest planet to the sun is Jostova, a sunbaked planet with high amounts of iron content, its surface decolorized a dull brown from the ultraviolet light of the bright sun.
    After Jostova is a planet with a bright green and sulfuric yellow atmosphere called Irysha, similar to Venus in its composition and extremely inhospitable conditions - nevertheless, Irysha has been target to scientific investigation alongside its smaller moon, Etsha, a snow-white moon with a smooth surface fairly clean of craters due to active tectonics in its potassium rich surface. Next is the capital planet of Ociapex, orbited by the two moons Oblysha and Myshapex. Oblysha is a generally unremarkable moon with a roughly ovoid shape, likely a result of a large collision during its late formation that caused the deformation in its roundness that it couldn't overcome by the time its surface cooled after Late Heavy Bombardment. Myshapex, by contrast, is much more important to the MiniKnog, as the partially-terraformed moon houses many of the capital system's most important military outposts and training bases.

    The final, and most massive planet in the solar system, is the mini brown dwarf planet of Hyripex Majoris, a massive planet of more than 10 Jupiter masses with a deep red swirling coloration, its surface never the same in a mere passing hour - the core of Hyripex Majoris is actually undergoing a very small amount of nuclear deuterium fusion due to its density, causing the planet’s gaseous composition composed of ammonium gases and other hydrocarbons to be heated and thus create massive storms that plague the surface of the planet, tearing apart anything that enters the atmosphere without a trace left.
    Orbiting Hyripex Majoris are three planetoid moons, one of which is Prexya, a pitch black moon composed of semi-molten carbon and silicon heated from Hripex’s gravitational tide. The other is Ixorchev, an extremely volcanic planet coated in deep phosphorus dusts that color it red. The final and largest of the moons is Lysova, a completely ocean planet composed of waters with potassium salts in it, a thick atmosphere and magnetosphere protecting the planetoid from the infrared radiation emitted by Hyripex.

    (Above: A view of the capital Apex city of Prymya, positioned at the heart of a jungle valley. The Apex have done well to preserve their environment, as scene with trees dotting the valley sides. Not drawn by WowGain.)​

    Ociapex, known to Apex in their native tongue as Oshyapex, is the true gem of the entirety of the MiniKnog. The planet of Ociapex is covered in vast jungles and forests, parallel to the climate of ancient Africa. However, while most jungle planets orbiting sun-like stars see a green cover to their surface, Ociapex's plant-life takes on a light, powder-blue color, a result of the plant life on Ociapex evolving to best use the light given off by their home star. The two large landmasses have provided a means of the Apex’s quick domination of their planet, the land giving them many resources in full bounty. Ociapex is covered in vast cities and outposts for the Apexes’ many industrial needs, but the most vast of the planets is the heart of the Milky Way’s technological innovation and the capital of the Miniknog Empire, the city of Prymya.
    Prymya encompasses progress in itself, rested deep within the valley of a vivid Apex jungle with a plethora of sleek, high-tech buildings jutting out of the surface - the infrastructure of Prymya has reached its peak, with full electricity provided to the entirety of the planet, as well as high-tech teleportation lines that allow an ease of transportation throughout the city. The city also boasts a massive Apex military academy known as Pexotya Academy, which trains the best officers in the entire galaxy. The center of progress, the City of Prymya is the absolute in development, whether it be for good or for bad.
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