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    The Avian
    Pinkbat5 and Sergeant Screech


    (By Sergeant Screech)
    The Avians are a unique race of humanoid birds, known for their vibrant and colorful culture, and their devotion to their God, Kluex. They come from Avos, a planet full of mostly tropical and jungle environments, where cities of pyramids, golden towers, stone houses, crop and seed farms fill the landscape. Avosian society is based upon the worship of their god, Kluex, while the mostly Atheist Grounded live free and open lifestyles among the stars.
    Rather well known for branching out into and exploring the stars, both Stargazers and Grounded Explorers can be a common sight.

    Physical Description (Biology):
    (By Pinkbat5)
    The avians are a species of beaked humanoids originating from planet Avos of the Avem system. A humanoid species, they typically stand at an average of 5 ft 7 in, and possess all standard humanoid organs and body systems. Best characterized by their resemblance to earth birds, all Avians have a beak and a coat of feathers that covers most of their torso, the upper areas of the arms and legs, the head, and the neck. Avian limbs end in talons, which are typically (but not always) featherless. Like most sentient species, avian hands possess opposable thumbs. All female avians are naturally without mammalian breasts.
    Visually speaking, Avians are a very diverse species. While their inner biology is essentially the same throughout most populations- all avians have standard humanoid organs, with the addition of a gizzard and a unidirectional respiratory system- outer appearances vary wildly. Avians can be born naturally with almost any color imaginable tinting their feathers, whether that be a pale blue, a vibrant orange, or anything in between. Avians owe this diversity to their unique coloring methods- all avian feathers contain a unique blend of red, blue and yellow pigments that combine to produce any color under the rainbow. These hues are inheritable- if a red and a blue avian had a child, the hatchling has a chance of being purple. Avians are not limited to solid colors, either- avians can have markings, fluff patches, and even gradients. Feather coloration is not the only unique trait that avians can possess, either- various avians can have different beaks, feather placement, body types, and more.

    Culture & Society:
    (By Necron and Sergeant Screech)
    The culture of the Avian race is diverse, mainly separated into two groups: the Flightless and Grounded. The Flightless are your devout Religious sect with the most important parts being the Stargazers and the Clipped Council. The Stargazers are the ones that are said to commune with Kluex himself and don't involve themselves with the matters of the common folk. Thats where the Council comes in, they serve as a sort of Parliament or Leaders and even the Generals of the Holy Avos Army. There are many temples, each with their own way of operating and own beliefs.
    Grounded are known for their independent, free, and sometimes rebellious attitude compared to the Flightless' more conformist and religious nature. Grounded is a very broad term, as many are unique, which generally can not be classified into groups or castes. However, commonly, Grounded are nomads, villagers, or civilians among other races, following a similar culture to Avos, or a mix of other race's culture, usually looking for a better life, or simply just freedom. While some are tolerant towards Flightless, it is not uncommon for Grounded to be rather anti Kluex/Stargazer, due to many violent actions between atheists and Stargazers. However, not all Grounded live outside of Avos, some manage to stay hidden from the Stargazers, posing as regular flightless, or part of the small rebellion on Avos. While some decide to fight for their freedom, the majority find it easier to escape or be exiled so they can make a name for themselves elsewhere.

    (By Sergeant Sooty and Pinkbat5)

    "In nearly one hundred and fifty years, the Avians have been able to convert their homeworld from a land of many religions into a holy land for the world religion. In the destruction of many cultures, brought upon a new culture among the stars with the Grounded. Now, they are a galaxy wide race that spans explorers, free individuals, soldiers, missionaries, and traders." -Avos: Sacred Secrets


    In the beginning, hundreds of years before 1000, a messiah known as Kluex, came upon the first avians, being said to be a very intelligent individual, he lead them to build civilization and society among avians, rather than being simple animals. Before avians developed space technology, around 1000, they were a society that lived simple hunter-gatherer lifestyles, living in villages, working together to provide for the village. Out of this, a trading system started between the villages, to trade where people didn't have certain resources or where the resources weren't so plentiful as other villages. This led to many avians becoming traders or artisans, or explorers to prospect where many valuable goods may be. Out of this connection, religions formed, converting the distant villages into nations, with city states across the land, which lasted until 3000.


    Tensions started when a world leader known as Coatal Ixalt, leader of the Kluexis, begun a campaign to tell the word of of Kluex around Avos, in 2982. This lead to them growing a rather xenophobic outlook upon their neighbors, bent on converting them into their religion. Avians lived life in a warlike society. They were split among city states and different religions, however, one would rise among all of the groups, The Kluexis. Compared to the other states, they were technologically advanced, having crystal technology, and laser weaponry, compared to the spears and other similar technology used by the rest of Avos. Embarking on a holy conquest to convert Avos to Kluex, they conquered many city states with ease. However, they did not conform to this new religion easily.
    3175, a massive rebellion begun, called the Grounded Rising, with many underground rebellions taking arms against the mostly worldwide Kluexis. This was crushed by the much more powerful Kluexis, but it led to many gaining a fighting spirit against them, fighting for their freedom, or escaping towards the stars. This event is generally recognized as the beginning of the Grounded. After the Rebellion, the Kluexis decided to start deporting along with converting to allow for a world religion. If Grounded were not attending religious service, they would be sent to an offworld colony, or used in sacrifice. Within time, the planet was completely converted to the Kluex Religion.


    Now, they are part of the galactic community, Avosi colonies branching out, Avos has good relations with Apex, Human, traditional hylotl colonies, and more authoritarian figures in the galaxy, however they are rather good diplomats despite their relations. Grounded are spread out and unorganized, with most of their holdings being small villages or pirate towns. However, not too far from the border of the Fringe, there is a city generally recognized as the haven of Grounded, named "Nesta'. It's a city of about two million residents, but is a land of Grounded Culture, and a major port in the area. However, due to Stargazer raids on the city, some have sought new environments inside of the Fringe.
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