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Superconductors are materials that offer no electrical resistance, allowing for incredibly efficient machines and machines that can utilize powerful magnetic fields. One of the greatest advances in the past millennium, has the been the creation of extreme high temperature superconductors that keep their incredible properties at or above a temperature range comfortable for most sentient species. Such a material has led to countless scientific advances.


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Zero-Point Energy Manipulation was first mastered by the Apex, but knowledge of its existence has long been a facet of Human, Apex, and Hylotl societies, particularly in Human ‘science-fiction’ stories and canon. In its first forms of utilization by the Apex, ZPEM was put to use in the fields of military and law-enforcement technology, particular in riot-busting and other means of putting a halt to any form of disobedience or outburst.

Zero-Point Energy Manipulation involves the use of the Casimir Effect and, as one might assume, Zero-Point Energy. Zero-Point energy is the lowest possible energy that a quantum mechanical physical system may have. When this lowest energy level is manipulated, for lack of a better term, it allows for a telekinetic control of the object in question, freezing it at a point in space and allowing for the manipulator to freely actuate it however they so desire.

In the current era of the galaxy, this manipulation is the basis behind all tractor-beam technology in ships and personal devices. As useful as this force is, its manipulation requires ample amounts of energy, so personal devices are often either very limited in the amount of time they can be used, or have limitations on the amount of mass they can manipulate at any one time, capping off at 300 kilograms, and about 4 hours of use per charge. As one approaches the maximum weight attainable by a personal device, however, they will begin to feel the physical strain of lifting said mass, making it much more difficult to manipulate mass over 220kg as easily, and 300kg with great difficulty, not allowing for finesse in actuation that would be seen with a lower mass. The smallest models are about the size of a wrist-gauntlet, and the largest are attached to ships and sub-atmospheric aircraft such as vertibirds. On the large end, space and aircraft model ZPEM devices can manipulate mass up to 2000kg and can run indefinitely as long as they are given ample supply of energy by the ship’s core.



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A crucial part of Avos technology, Avian Power Crystals are the most used form of power and one of the most versatile tools available to the Avian species. An isotopic cousin of Erchius Crystals which have seemingly only ever been discovered in the Avos system and its neighboring star systems, mysteriously cutting off entirely out of a radius of 75 light-years from Avos. Due to a unique chemical and crystal lattice structure, Avian Power Crystals are capable of holding a charge of electrical energy, usually at a rate of 25 Watt-hours per 5cm3 of crystal. These crystals can be charged either through induction of an electrical current, or through prolonged exposure to UV Radiation, such as the radiation which can be found in solar rays; however, this method is much slower and is rarely used now due to its inefficiency.


Discovered by ancient Avian civilizations during their late stone age, Power Crystals were originally heavily misunderstood. Mostly used in ritual settings, the crystals were often shaped into rudimentary tools such as sacrificial knives and jewelry, especially by tribal chieftains, who used the crystals as a claim to the right to rule.

It was during the Bronze Age that Avians as a whole began to understand the use of such crystals. Often told in legends and myths, the story of the fire Crystal-Born flame is taught, similar to Human tales of the invention of the wheel. A crystal left out during a storm was placed near a pile of tinder and other flammable wood; struck by lightning, the crystal was overcharged by the strike, resulting in it discharging its energy to its surroundings, starting a fire from the pile of wood and tinder, the tribe soon began to learn and research its uses for fuel and energy, eventually leading to the discovery of Avian Crystal carving.


Crystal carving was a discovery that revolutionized the uses of crystals, allowing for them to be miraculously specialized for a myriad of uses. Crystal carving can affect the way that a crystal can emit its stored potential energy, as well as allowing for it to double as a circuit, and when done on a fine enough level as microstructures coupled with gold leafing and small bits of silicon, can facilitate some of the functions of computational hardware, including RAM, processing, and of course, power sources. However, data storage still has to be done on a separate device. These techniques, in Avian colonies with large amounts of Flightless, are accredited to the unknown ‘sunborn’ visitors which bestowed the Avian species as a whole with a myriad of technology, an event widely referred to as the “Ascension” of the Avians from prehistory to a road leading to modernity.

This tale is looked at with scrutiny often by historians, though some similarities have been noted between the style and pattern of microstructures on Avian Crystals carved by accomplished masters and the naturally forming microstructures of Novakid brands which enable pseudo-neurological capacity to take place, giving them their sapience and forming their shell. The reasons behind these similarities is unknown. Skilled carvers often train for many years, and it can take decades to become a master of the craft. Though simplistic carving such as in lamps and heaters has been able to be mass produced, intricate carvings such as those that are used in computational crystal cores must be made by a trained master, and as such as expensive and hard to come by if one doesn't know a master carver or a carver’s guild.


While the great majority of Crystals are mined by the Avos government, limited knowledge of synthesis and lab-made growth of Avian Crystals has spread to sectors such as the Fringe, and sometimes can be found on black markets, but this is extremely rare. Known carving patterns allow for the use of Avian Crystals as light sources which exude a reddish pink glow, heat sources often used in radiators and when specialized; cooking, and computational hardware. On Avos, Power Crystals are largely used instead of batteries and other power cells, powering everything from personal devices to homes, and even ships if a large enough crystal is used.


Due to Avian aesthetics surrounding objects which slightly hover,suspended and never making contact with the ground, avian crystals are often held in place with Zero Point Energy or other means of fixing them in place with hover technology, as such, most electrical appliances in use are wireless in nature, transmitting their electrical charge through the air. The largest crystal currently in use is a massive 5126kg crystal. Adorning the peak of the main Flightless temple on the Avos homeworld, it is specifically positioned to be at the center of most astronomical events, the sun and moon passing directly overhead every solstice due to its placement on the equator. It provides power to the entirety of the center of the Avian capital city, and is considered the crown jewel of the Avian species, a sacred artifact.


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Negative energy is what antimatter is to matter, the ‘opposite’ of regular energy and considered below zero-point energy. First observed with the Casimir Effect, this effect has been utilized similar to a zero-point energy projector using a device called a Casimir projector which basically depletes all energy from an area using the manipulated effect. What differs a negative energy projector from a zero-point energy projector, however, is in both strength and mechanics. Negative energy projectors use a special metamaterial focus and additional energy to remove both energy and virtual particles and their interactions, exposing the negative energy field and augmenting it to a usable state. Sometimes negative energy is generated through other means, such as naturally with erchius fusion or by other means.

Negative energy’s primarily use is for interaction with space-time as well as with higher dimensions of existence, such as Hyperspace, as the usage of negative energy is integral to the formation of wormholes and many warp field drives as it can bend space, sometimes completely to a different point in space. Examples of such uses where negative energy is important are projected portals, framed portals, and especially framed or projected hypergates where negative energy is used to access Hyperspace. Many of these uses for negative energy are energy-expensive and its uses are typically restricted to only space-time interaction.



[Image: image.png.62a4d594ca3f979ba010193555361ccf.png]

(Above: A massive solarium reactor used to power a massive space station. It utilizes a highly enriched ball of molten solarium spun in place by magnetic fields, zapped by a massive neutron beam to ablate into a mass of energy that appears almost like a star itself. Open-core reactors like these are radiation shielded with a force field, while closed-core reactors are shielded with metal and are encased completely.)

[Image: image.png.a314e0360a8b2d1fe7ccaf6c956b40cb.png]

(Above: A large solarium reactor placed within a destroyer-class ship. This reactor is set to low output, as indicated by its dimmer color.)

A Solarium Degeneration Reactor, most often simply called a solarium reactor, is one of the most common and standard methods of energy generation, using the stellar metal Solarium. They are efficient, acting similar to fusion or fission reactors but producing more energy and being generally safer and more reliable. They are also scalable, allowing larger sizes for higher consumption of solarium.


  • More efficient than fusion or fission reactors, finding use in energy generation for ships, buildings, and even cities.

    Generates no waste byproduct.

    Cannot explode, but can leak radiation if damaged.


  • Can leak radiation when damaged. Most good reactors automatically disable when damaged, but sometimes this is not the case.

    Generally costs more per reactor than less efficient methods of energy generation.

    Indrustrial-size only, making them impossible to install in any armor.

Solarium Degeneration Reactors work by subjecting a sample of solarium, usually a solarium star, in a neutron beam that destabilizes its structure and causes it to ablate away slowly in blasts of energetic solarium plasma that is harvested by a magnetic toroid and condensed to energy that is outputted via wires.

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