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// The Qarin Exchange //
//User Condor leaves a reply.//

Name: Jay Osprey

Age: 21

Species: Avian

Reason for Wanting a Qarin: I wish to work with a Qarin to help me with my good deeds and in return I'll do my all to complete any tasks you wish.
Name: Qran-Tin

Race: Chinaut

Reason to try and acquire a Qarin: Being 64 and at a poor health condition, I can't do most things, so I would like to have a qarin to help me with daily tasks that I can't do. I would also like it so I can defend myself with it, as I have been attacked a couple of times while my time in the Haven system. I will do anything to get a Qarin.
[Image: cc_iStock-96932859_16x9.jpg?itok=5Tsy7zwp]
Name: Mizoh Xiancha

Race: Avian

Reason to try to acquire a Qarin: To help the weak, to help the citizin of the galaxy, those who cannot defend themself, in my curent state i cannot do this, but if i can get the oppertunity to get one, i will do any task given to me.
Name:  Yoshimitsu Sun-Sin

Race: Human

Reason to try to acquire a Qarin: I am old and fear that I may not be able to defend myself if a time like this comes.
// User gund4243 comments \\

Name: Iota

Species: Glitch

Reason to want a Qarin: It would be extremely useful, as trips to the Undercrypt are dangerous.

\\ End //

Just keep in mind, at the bottom, there's only one way to go...

// User 00100 comments \\

Name: Ryder Ayron

Species: Human

 For the longest time I have been wanting one of these fascinating creatures to call my own. Seeing that the exchange is open again I am willing to give you the goods or service you demand in exchange for one of these Qarins.

\\ End //
[Image: o7VK4][Image: 7zJxfeJ.png]
//A user comments.//

Name: Andre

Species: Human

Reason to want a Qarin: I have died once before. With this I for the first time realized just how pathetic of a creature I was. Now I seek to change myself, improve, and enhance. I seek a Qarin for I wish to learn more of them, I seek it as a means to defend myself, those around me, and to further my own knowledge.

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