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00 - The Novakid Lore

The Novakid

This version of the lore was written by Nitro, but it's currently in the process of being rewritten. Expect it to change eventually, but until then, this is the novakid lore.

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The Novakid are a species of almost gas based lifeforms, shrouded in mystery due to their own negligence of history, never bothering to write down anything past a quick note or a signature on a bounty, their origin has long since been lost. The Novakid are extremely intelligent when it comes to engineering and mechanics but, due to their inability to communicate past fleeting conversations and gunfights, the majority of the species has found itself stuck in a culture not unlike Earth’s own Western discovery Era. This is mostly in fault to their accidental discovery of FTL travel before Interstellar Communications.

Most Novakid chose to branch out into space and lose contact with the rest unless they travel in a constellation. Due to this issue they can quickly become desperate, turning to crime and other low means to make their pay. This means that finding a settlement of Nova is terribly rare and most confirmed sightings of them consist of being raided by bandits on supply runs and courier trips across open space or as low-pay miners on asteroids and the like. There are many theories on where they came from: Birthed from supernova, created experimentally, or simple evolution. Truth is, nobody quite knows where they came from; not even the Novakid themselves can even pinpoint a system of origin due to their thinly widespread nature. However, one thing is for sure: they’re here, and they aren’t being quiet about it.

Physical Description (Biology):

Novakids start life as an almost gelatinous blob, unstable and without form. Their only defining feature would be the hard, iron-like brand on their face which retains their vital gases inside. Once their gasses stabilize through maturity, they gradually take a humanoid form and they gain a high energy state forcing their gasses into a burning hot plasma. To control this, the external brands imprinted on the flat featureless face of a Nova expel a strong, yet local, magnetic field to keep the raging plasmas inside. The external shell consists of a hard, smooth, glassy plasma that is cool to the immediate touch. This plasma shell is fully dextrous and completely clear. The inner workings are a wide variety of colours scaling from vivid reds to deep blues and more however certain defects have produced less common colourings steering closer to black and white. The bodies of a Novakid remain in the form they take after stabilizing almost permanently unless long and painful procedures take place to shift their shape and force the brand to remember or hold it in place. However their corona or ‘hair structure’ can easily be modified with the appropriate tools but usually stays consistent, along with their body shape, throughout their long lifetime of between 600 and 900 years which commonly ends with a fiery explosion.

As far as the other humanoid species go, Novakid are by far the weakest, physically lacking muscular structure and solid mass. However they make up for it with their durability: so long as the Brand remains intact and they contain enough vital gases, they can be patched up to stop any leaking and will recover any lost gas after a good meal.

Culture & Society:

Novakid society is hard to put a label on as they are usually few and far between, though in what few settlements have been recorded their society seems to thrive off violence and rash decisions as their attention seems to be rapid and fleeting. As a whole, they exist as adventurers, lawmen, criminals, and just about anything that allows them to work with fortune, high class weaponry or both. They are as inquisitive a they are clever and will take a great amount of interest in anything new to them until something else turns up to steal their attention.

Most Novakids will leave a settlement or family early in their life to explore the universe on their own and carve their own path through space, resulting in each behaving and acting in their own unique ways, though most (if not all) share the traits of being brash and direct with their statements and actions, caring neither here nor there for other culture’s ‘class’ or ‘formalities’. This usually makes them come off as rude to anyone who would meet them for the first time.

As for integrating with others’ culture, they tend to exist peacefully with most species so long as no obvious conflict takes place. However, they usually ignore their trends and features and exist as an outlier in their community until they move onto another, preferring to retain their personal quirks and flairs regardless of company.


As far as most can tell, including the Novakid themselves, their history is buried and has been largely unknown as a result of their own negligence. All that exists are records of other species coming into contact with them, oddly almost simultaneously as if they burst out and expanded their reach in the universe in all directions at once, usually saying how a small constellation passed by whilst poking fun at their various appearances before moving on without leaving a trace.

In the later years leading to the present, Novakid have been seemingly more eager to settle and stay put in one location, though it’s commonly speculated the chaotic nature of Fringe Space is enough to keep them interested over longer periods of time.


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