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Franix Emix
General Information

Name: Franix Emix
Birthdate: September 17, 3263
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Species: Human 
Home Planet: Melkanian Eclipse V (Was blown up as of 3283)
Occupation: Chef/Bartender at Atlas, Physical trainer and therapist for hire.
Number of times cloned from death:

[b]Physical Appearance [/b]

General Desc: Franix is a young looking white male with fluffy unkept orange hair and dark blue eyes. He always has a smile on his face in any occasion that would permit it. He tends to wear either a yellow tracksuit with a yellow baseball cap, Orange sleeveless shirt with orange sweatpants, or very rarely casual clothes like jeans and a t-shirt, but all of his outfits have the protectorate logo somewhere on it. 

Enhancements: He’s had enhancements done to his respiratory and cardiovascular systems to allow him to hold his breath longer than normal and do strenuous physical activities for longer.

Tech: He has a movement enhancing tech allowing him to run a little faster than normal.

[b]Personality [/b]

Personality Type: The Protagonist 

Political Philosophy: Growing up Franix never had the time to pay attention to politics for long but it’s something that interests him but he knows very little about.

Personality Desc: Franix comes off as a bit of a hyper and happy individual. You will find it very hard to remove the happy smile from his face. He always tries to treat everyone with the utmost respect he can. He is a pacifist and can’t stand violence and would try to stop any fights happening around him.   

Ambition: Franix dreams to one day hold and olympic style event in the fringe.

Loves: The popular hytol kids show Numi ((This is kept secret from the public only those that have closely befriended him know about this.))

Likes: Positive attitudes, Other Melkanians, exercise, the protectorate, and the color yellow and orange

Dislikes: Highly negative or aggressive people and Alcohol 


Son of Frankie Emix ((Mother)) and Xavier Emix he was born September 17, 3263. He was brought up in a friendly and peaceful environment on Melkanian Eclipse V. In school he seemed to develop a real skill and love for running and physical fitness as well as developing his infamous always happy demeanor since he never seemed to have a bad moment all throughout school. Life always seemed to go his way, making track team, having a loving family, all the friends he needed, and more. His last few years of school was focused on getting a degree in physical therapy. so he could pursue a career he felt passionate about. He decided to go on vacation during his spring break to celebrate his newfound success at a random planet in the local cluster. Upon arriving home he finds that the area where his planet was is now populated by a bunch of floating rocks and asteroids. It took him 3 days to figure out that he was in the right place and that his home planet was gone for good. Instead of falling into despair he focused his efforts into making a more positive universe, but bottling up a years worth of hate, despair, and grief can have a nasty effects on someone. He decided to travel for a while until he ends up somewhere that could use his help and cheerfulness. Ending up in the Fringe he felt it was the best place to get a job and to start helping people slowly to create a more lawful and positive environment.

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