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[L] Race Linguistics
Another website, another attempt. This time with some proper progress though.

A lover of languages, writing and history, I have noticed one day that there is no lore written on GalaxyCitizen that gives at least a rough idea about how the different races speak and sound like. Sure, Starbound itself gives some indications when the char is being hurt or if you talk to NPCs, but that's really not much to grip on. I have read many roleplay situations in which people playing chars of different races, in good RP manner, tried to somehow express the features of the races vocals and had some resonance that it may be a good idea to actually write some Language Lore for the seven main races.

Well, that is what I have proposed the last two websites and didn't really receive anything in direction of "Go for it, we would like to add something like that!" from the Loremasters, so I decided to do it anyways.


The link leads to my Google Doc with what I have worked on yet and you are very welcome to propose any and all ideas that I could add to it. It's probably going to become quite big with the ideas I have in mind, but in the end, even if it may just interest a few language enthusiasts, that would be completely fine for me. I do it for that very reason - because I enjoy language.
Even if it might not be added to the lore in the end, it would be a fun project to do.

Thank you for reading and your possible participation!
Well, not that I'm surprised, but the comment function was abused all over the place so it's off now. Suggestions in the forum then.

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